Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Friday

I have been crazy busy with work which is fine with me it makes the weeks go by fast and I look forward to the weekend.  Speaking of work I think I did share with all of you that I work for a toy supplier and they have the CUTEST Girls Dress Up Line exclusively at Walmart Stores.  It is called Cutie Boutique so if you are in Walmart soon go by the toy department and check it out. 
Here are a few photos

These outfits would make great Halloween Costumes for any little girl!
If you live in NWA mark the calendar for November 6th 2009 for Bentonville's First Friday Walmart is having there Annual Holiday Toyland on the Bentonville Square and Cutie Boutique will be a feature booth. 

So I am glad today is Friday!  Chad and I really don't have any big plans for the weekend which is great news because the next few weekends are BUSY!  Tonight we are having date night.  We are going to PF Changs and may do some shopping. 

For Saturday Chad is working out with his trainer in the morning, but we may go for a drive in the afternoon to look at all Fall trees and the amazing colors! 
Sunday is our day to spend at church and we are starting a new connection group on Sunday evening.  I am looking forward to meeting some new people. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy weekend! 


Mel said...

I am so jealous. I have been craving PF Changs for months now. Just haven't made it there yet! I am sure you will really enjoy it tonight. I love dining there on cold evenings and ordering the citrus spice tea. Makes me all warm to think about it!

The dress up clothes are precious. Oh to be a little girl again with all the options they have today that we didn't have!

So, the toy fair will be held on the square this year and not the H.O.? Good to know!!!

Have a nice evening, you deserve it!

Brandi said...

I discovered all the cute dress up clothes at Wal-Mart the other day. WAY CUTE and affordable!!! AWESOME!!! Have fun at PF Changs.. I'm jealous! YUMMY!

Jess :) said...

Those dresses are too cute!! I do have to say that I'm more fascinated (well, that's maybe not the correct word) that you and Chad get to head to Chang's for dinner. That is my ALL TIME FAVORITE place to eat and we don't have one anywhere near us. :( So, please do some extra enjoying for me!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Summer said...

I am loving the cute dress up clothes! I am from WV so they don't have them here yet! I can't wait though they look amazing! Changs sounds Yummy! Hope you have a great weekend with the hubby! I love fall drives, looking at the leaves, scenery, etc...
Summer :0)

Our Curly Girls said...

Walmart never ceases to impress me! LOVE the fairy wear. Absolutely precious.

I am scared to go back to our local Walmart--when I was there last week before Bible study, a vendor collapsed right off of his pallet and looked as dead as anything as he landed in front of my cart....face to the floor....inches from my cart at the front door. I kind of freaked. ;(

Grami's girls said...

Those costumes are soo cute! I bought my grandaughters the dress up shoes, like 4 pair to a box by Cutie Boutique. They love them and they are adorable wearing them!

Rachel H. said...

Such cute costumes! Sounds like a good weekend planned, so I hope it went well. Looking forward to an update!

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