Tuesday, February 15, 2011

busy bees...

Our little family has been busy this past weekend.  We spent the weekend with my mom and Grayson's Grandma and it was PERFECT!

My mom left today to go back home and we miss her already!  Grayson loved spending time with Grandma and was spoiled from the moment she got here. 

One quick note:
Grayson was back at the doctor yesterday and his ears are still not clear and they are still bothering him so with that his doctor has decided to try one round of a three day shot called Rocephin.  We have completed two rounds and we have our final shot tomorrow afternoon.  We also are going to a Ears, Nose, and Throat Doctor next week to discuss getting tubes.  I just want Grayson to feel better.  I feel that we have spent from the beginning of December until now going to the doctor with Grayson.  Please keep our little G in your prayers.

I am working on catching up on the joy of love posts and hopefully I will have them all posted tomorrow. 

Needless to say we have been busy bees... tomorrow it is back to work and our normal routines. 
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