Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grayson's Tube Surgery

{hanging out on Mommy and Daddy's bed before we left for the hospital}

I wasn't sure if I was going to do a post on Grayson's tube surgery, but I am because of two reasons:
1.  For me to remember and some day add to his baby book
2.  For any other Mommy's that might be heading down the road of getting tubes.  My friend Karen from Karen at Home sent me her blog post that she wrote up on her experience with Jillian getting tubes for the first time and it was very informative.  I am so glad that she sent me the link this week. 

{just got to Grayson's room and hanging out on the bed}

{Grayson in his hospital gown}
{just waiting that was the longest part of the day}
The actual procedure of getting tubes doesn't take no time.  I was amazed how quickly they completed the surgery.  I think it took 5 minutes.  We barely had time to check our iPhone and Dr. B was back in the waiting room giving us a complete recap of the surgery. 
I really like the hospital we go too.  I loved two things they did today to keep us informed.
one they gave us this card

and two they had this screen that kept us updated on the status of Grayson

Every one told us that it would go great and that he would be MAD after the surgery.  AND yes he was MAD!

Many Tears and rocking him or bouncing him to calm him down seemed to do the trick.  I think he was extremely hungry and all he could have until we left was Pedialyte.  But once we were discharged and in the car we gave Grayson a bottle and he sucked it down and was asleep before we got on the interstate to go home. 

Once we were home he took a three hour nap and woke up happy and hungry!  The biggest difference between before tubes and now after tubes was the fact that he eats so much better.  He did end up taking another nap later in the afternoon and I was hoping that he would sleep through the night, but that did not happen.  I do hope that his sleeping continues to improve for the next several weeks.  We have a follow up appointment in two weeks to make sure everything is going well. 

Overall we {Chad and I} are both happy that we made the decision to get tubes for Grayson. 

Right now the only concern that I have is Grayson is still pulling on his ears, but it could also be the fact that he did not nap at all this afternoon.  If he continues to pull on them tomorrow I plan on calling the Dr B on Monday.

Thank you for all the sweet Facebook Messages, Texts, Calls, and Tweets from our family and friends. 
Grayson is VERY LOVED!
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