Thursday, February 3, 2011

snow days

I love snow days and not getting out of the house.  It gives me extra time to spend with Grayson and Chad when he stays home.  But when it is cold and you don't have water that is not fun!  Well that happened today...
I woke up with Grayson around 4AM and went to heat a bottle and no WATER.  I quickly fed Grayson and put him back to bed and went and woke Chad up to tell him the news!  We called a plumber and he came over at 9AM and was no HELP at all.  He did not know what the problem was so Chad spent the morning calling other plumbers and friends to see if they had any suggestions on what to do.  After trying SEVERAL DIFFERENT THINGS and calling another plumber he was here 5 minutes and found our problem. 
A BUSTED MAIN PIPE that goes into our house.  Lovely...
So we now have running WATER and the same plumber is coming back to do additional work on it tomorrow.  So today it is the simple things that make me happy... RUNNING WATER!

We did have a FUN morning with Grayson and his friend Melania.

Melania was over visiting this morning because her mommy was having a baby!  After playing with Grayson for a few hours I took her to school so she could be with her friends and her daddy picked her up so she could go meet her baby brother. 

Here is a picture of Melania before going to school... she is going to be a PERFECT big sister!
We are so happy for our friends and we can't wait to meet the new addition!  

Here are some of our snow day pictures from the week:

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