Sunday, May 15, 2011

Catch Up Post

I feel like I haven't blogged in days and it is true!  I was trying to do a post a few days ago, but that is when blogger was messed up for everyone!  Anyways I thought that I would do a
catch up post!

Grayson is on the move!  It is amazing with each passing day how well he is doing with walking.  Today after we got home from church he was trying to run and fell right down on his belly.  He was so mad! 
Here is a new video of our little guy on the move!  It is LONG but I had to share it with our family and friends!

and another video of Grayson playing in Bella's water bowl.  I walked away from the kitchen for a brief moment and I came back to Grayson having a WONDERFUL time playing in the water!

The past several days in our house have been busy.  Between work, a scheduled trip to California this past Wednesday and Thursday, preparing for Grayson's 1st Birthday I have been busy!  We also put our house on the market and so both Chad and I have been busy cleaning up closets and making sure it is show ready!

Other BIG news is CHAD is now a realtor and I am so proud of him for all the work he has put into Real Estate now and when he was getting his license the past several months.   

I will start with sharing that I was scheduled to go to California on Wednesday and return on Thursday night.  

Mommy's goodbye picture

My trip didn't go as planned.  I first got delayed out of our airport and than when I arrived in Dallas at 11:15AM I got re-booked on the 1:40PM flight to Burbank, California.  Around 12:30PM I checked the screens again to see if my flight was still on schedule and it stated CANCELED!  I had to be in California by Wednesday evening because we had a scheduled meeting on Thursday morning that I had to attend.  They did not have another flight to Burbank so I ended up getting my flight changed to LAX.  That flight was scheduled to leave at 2:30PM.  As it got closer to depart for this flight it got CANCELED!  This was all due to a Storm System that was sitting right above the Dallas Airport.  It shut down the SkyLink System too.  Which was a PAIN because between changing flights I also had to walk from Concourse to Concourse 3 different times!  It was NOT FUN AT ALL!  By 7PM the LAX flight still had not left and was delayed so I spoke with my boss and he said to just go home!  I had to be back in Bentonville by Friday morning for a meeting that was VERY important for me to be at... I could not afford to be stuck in Dallas all day Thursday.  So with the weather still causing delays on Wednesday I was VERY surprised at 9PM that I was leaving DALLAS and heading back home to Arkansas.  I spent exactly 12 hours at an airport between Bentonville and Dallas.  It was a crazy day!  I was so excited to sleep in my OWN bed and wake up and see Chad and Grayson that it made everything much better! 

Image before leaving Dallas to go home!

Grayson also received his new truck from his Grandma Shelly this past week for his birthday so Chad put it together and he LOVES it!  He stands behind it and pushes it around the house, he climbs in and out of it, and he also sits in it and watches cartoons. 

Since Friday it has been cool in Bentonville.  It feels like October weather instead of May weather.  So Friday night on the way to dinner we had to get out our owl hat to stay warm!

Saturday in our house was a day of preparing for house guests and Grayson's 1st Birthday Party!  I can't believe in 2 DAYS Grayson will be 1!  

We have wanted to change Grayson's bathroom to a kid bathroom with bright colors.  I found these curtains at a fabric store and after we have them hemmed and a valance made the bathroom will almost be complete.  The frames also need pictures in them, but I do love how it is turning out!

I will end this post with a sneek peak of a project I completed yesterday for Grayson's birthday.  I got this idea from Shannon at Bless this Nest.  She is crafty and always has great ideas!

  Have a great night and a GREAT WEEK AHEAD!!!!


Katie said...

Look at him in the truck! How cute!

Meg said...

He is so beautiful!! Where did you find those frames?

Anonymous said...

thats such a cute idea for the pictures Im also wondering where you got the frames because I want to do something cute like that for Morgans pictures in less than 2 weeks:)

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