Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grayson's Sock Monkey Bash

It was truly one of the BEST days!  The weather was PERFECT! All the details for the party turned out just as I visioned them.  I spent several months planning and preparing for this day.  I didn't want to feel rushed at the last minute putting a party together for my sweet Grayson.  Plus with a job, being a wife and a mommy it because very difficult to get extra things completed. 

Anyways back to the party and the details...

First a special THANK YOU to my sister Amie for taking ALL of the AMAZING photos at GRAYSON'S SOCK MONKEY BASH!  I love that Amie did this for us and I did not have to worry about taking pictures.  Amie you are very talented and you have captured memories that I will have forever!  I don't know what I would do without you.  You are the BEST sister a girl can ask for!
I would also like to THANK my hubby for helping me with small projects around the house and for creating a few projects that were apart of Grayson's birthday.  Chad I know you are a BUSY guy and I appreciate you taking the time to be along side of me and making this day special. 
Thanks to my sister Jessyca and Mom for cleaning, cooking, and helping with all the decorations.  The party was SPECIAL and BEAUTIFUL because of the both of you. 
As you can see the party was put together by many... I could have not completed all of the details without my family. 
I know many of you will ask me a few details about the decorations so after each picture you see I will give you as much detail as I can, but if you have any questions please email me.  I am happy to help!

I had the vision of having a SOCK MONKEY BASH early after I started taking Grayson's monthly pictures with his BIG sock monkey! Than when we had a Sock Monkey Tree for Grayson at Christmas I knew for sure that I had to do a SOCK MONKEY PARTY.  The pictures are great and they capture the party perfectly.  

The little signs around the candy jars were made special by Heather at Chickabug.  Heather was AMAZING to work with.  I sent her a picture of my thoughts and she captured exactly what I wanted.  She did things quickly and even at the last minute created things for me.  She has been a professional graphic designer/art director for 10 years.  You have to go check out her Etsy Site.  The great thing is that most of the things she did for me were DIY projects.  It saved me money!  Thank you again HEATHER at Chickabug for your AMAZING talent and attention to detail.  I will be working with you in the future. 
Heather created the following things for Grayson's Sock Monkey Bash:
Return Address Labels
Invitation - click here to view
Buffet/Candy Cards
Signs - Scoop Up some Treats and Thank You For Swinging By
Banner - Grayson is One
Cupcake Wrapper and Toppers

The sock monkeys throughout the candy table are from Grayson's Sock Monkey Christmas Tree and I purchased them at several local boutiques and also EBay.  The yarn balls hanging from the light came from a local boutique called Perfect Choice.  They also were on Grayson's Sock Monkey Christmas Tree.  The green mesh was purchased at Sign Sealed and Delivered and I created two runners and tied it together with a bow.  The boxes in front of the Scoop Up Some Treats came from Hobby Lobby. The multi-colored garland came from Perfect Choice and it was also on G's tree.  I was glad I was able to use so many of the Christmas Decorations for this party. 

The window covering was scrapbook paper and ribbon.  I personally did not think this project was easy.  I recommend making it ahead of time as we waited until the day before the party and it did not go as planned.  I actually didn't want to finish it because it was not coming together, but my mom and my BIL Brian worked on it and managed to get it completed and it looked GREAT!  I also recommend that you use a hot glue gun.  We first used double sided sticky tape and that did not work at all.  A BIG thank you to my mom and Brian for your determination to get this project complete.  I really think it brought so much to the party.
The little ladders with the sock monkey climbing it came from Sign Sealed and Delivered.  These were also on G's Christmas Tree. 

The cupcake stand was made by my sister Jessyca and Mom.  They arrived a few days before the party and they helped me completed some of the final details of the party. I purchased the cake layers at hobby lobby in the baking section.  I found this idea on a blog and you can go here to get all the details on how to create it yourself if you are interested. 

The 12 month photo stand was created by Chad, but I got the idea from Bless Our Nest Blog.  She always has wonderful ideas and I really enjoy reading her blog.  I loved how this turned out and I still have it up in our house right now. 

The birthday hat was created by 10 Candles Party Shoppe on Etsy.  It was adorable, but Grayson won't keep it on his head.  Look at all the sock monkeys Grayson got as gifts from his family and friends.    

The cake above was made at Main Sweets Bakery in Noel, MO.  I love how it turned out and she has the BEST strawberry cake. 

The adorable Sock Monkey Cookies that you see in the above that Aidan is holding in his hands were made by Robin at All About Cookies.  They are adorable and SO GOOD!  Thanks Robin for adding a special detail to Grayson's party.  Each guest got to go home with a cookie.  They were a BIG HIT!

Birthday Boy Playing outside with his cousins after all the party guest left.  His Auntie JJ made the Happy Birthday sign and sock monkey that greeted each guest.  It was PERFECT and a surprise added touch to the party.  Thanks JJ for your artistic abilities.  We LOVE YOU!  The monkey see monkey do sign was given to Grayson as a gift from our friend Kim.  She got it at a craft fair in the local area.  It is adorable and now has a special place in Grayson's playroom. 

The day was PERFECT.  Amie captured so many beautiful pictures and memories for us.  We are FOREVER grateful for her talent and time she has given to us.  All the below pictures were taken the day of the party and I just LOVE all of the 12 month pictures of Grayson and US!  Amie is a wonderful photographer and I hope and wish some day that she will live close to me... hint hint!

It was again a PERFECT day!  I hope all of Grayson's birthday guests had a WONDERFUL TIME!  Thanks to ALL that made this day special for our family!

On Thursday Cake Eating Post Will Be Up!  


Ashley said...

Love you friend, PERFECT WAS RIGTH!! So glad to have some best friends like ya'll! =))))

Jessica said...


rsiewert said...

His party looked perfect! So so many adorable details! I am in no way going to try and match that for my little guys birthday!

Meg said...

Looks like such a sweet day!! I ADORE the pictures at the end with you and your dream come true, how precious!! Much love~

Karen At Home said...

What an amazing party for an amazing little boy!!!! You did a great job planning, you should be so proud of yourself and how it turned out Melissa. Your sister did a great job at capturing the moments perfectly.

Glad to hear everything turned out just the way you wanted it. Happy Birthday G!

Allyson said...

The pictures are gorgeous of Grayson's party!

Kimberley said...

what a colorful party! everything looked so good! my littlest turns 1 next month, and i think i might make the cupcake tower too. i also thought about the window covering, but not sure now ;) loved the driveway!!! great idea!! i might have to try that bakery in noel, i've heard good things about it.

andrea said...

What an amazing party!!!!!!!!!!! love it!

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