Friday, May 27, 2011

Being a Mommy

Being a Mommy it can be difficult to capture moments
especially ones like this

and like this

I will always treasure these images.  I have it as a screen image on my iPhone and every time I see it my heart just melts and I get a BIG smile on my face!
This past year that I have been a mommy I have LOVED every moment! 

With all my heart I pray and wish that every couple praying, hoping, and dreaming of becoming parents that you will be blessed with a sweet baby soon.  I know the pain and struggle each of you face each day and I want to give you hope that dreams and prayers do come true.  I have seen miracles happen so much this past year and it brings joy to my heart.  All couples out there you are in my prayers and always will. 

Have a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend! 

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