Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday GRAYSON!

My baby is ONE!

I can't believe that we are celebrating his 1st birthday, the past year has gone by SO FAST! 

Mommy's Letter to Grayson

One Year ago today at 9:50PM you came into this world weighing 6 pounds 10 ounces.  You melted my heart and made all my dreams come true.  It truly has been an amazing and wonderful year!  You have filled our home with many laughs, loves, hugs, tears, and many smiles. 
I remember the day we brought you home and you were a great baby.  You woke up every 2 hours to eat during the first few weeks and than I got you on a every three hour schedule.  Our biggest challenge was getting you to sleep through the night.  We had a few nights throughout the year that you slept through the night, but not too many!  I loved every moment I have spent with you even the moments when I was SO tired and all I wanted to do is sleep.  But I would do it ALL over again in a second.  You have the biggest blue eyes and every time we are out of the house we get complements on your eyes or they tell us you are a Gerber Baby. 
Some of the moments I remember this past year is our first night together in the hospital.  I didn't want you to go to the nursery at all.  I wanted you by my side at all times.  When we brought you home from the hospital I was planning on putting you in your crib at night to sleep, but when night time approached I just could not do it... I cried my eyes out until your daddy let you sleep with us.  The next day he went out and purchased a pack and play and the nap nanny for our room.  You slept in our room until you were 3 months old.  You now LOVE your crib it is the ONLY place you will sleep.  Sometimes I secretly wish you would snuggle next to me in my bed and sleep all night with me.  But I am grateful that you like your crib. 
I remember the 1st day we took you to Daycare.  It was a sad day and I did not want to put you in daycare.  I waited until noon when your daddy took us both to the daycare to drop you off.  I was brave when I was there dropping you off, but the moment we left I was in tears.  It took awhile for you to adjust, but you are starting to enjoy going to daycare.  Now only if you would take a nap at daycare.  Every day we go to daycare I cannot wait until I get to go back and get you.  I love seeing your smile the moment I walk in the door.  You are now waving at me and walking to me the moment I come into your classroom. 
I remember the first time you cried for hours and I had no idea what was wrong with you.  You finally fell asleep and later we found out the reason behind all the tears was you had an ear infection.  Yikes!  This past year you ended up having four ear infections and in February you ended up getting tubes put in your ears.  It has helped you so much!  You have been relatively healthy since having tubes. 
Teething has not been fun.  It has been painful for you, but we did figure out that if we freeze your paci it helps so much!  Less tears!  I remember the many nights of teething where both daddy and I would be awake with you playing or walking the house to make you happy.  On your 1st birthday you have 6 teeth and we have many more to come. 
I remember the first time you rolled over.  It was great to see you reach this milestone finally and be able to see the world around you in a different light. 
I remember the first time you crawled it was in our living room and it was so exciting to see you learn and explore the space around you.  It was a new sense of FREEDOM for you. 
I remember your first steps, which were on May 6th, 2011.  It was so shocking to both Mommy and Daddy.  I think you were shocked too.  You immediately sat down.  I of course clapped and got excited so you stood back up and did it again.  And today on your birthday you WALK everywhere!  You love being on your two feet and with your cautious steps you take you are walking all over the place.  Pretty soon you will be running all over this house. 

I am so ready to continue to watch you grow and learn new things.  You amaze me everyday and I am so proud to be your Mommy.  I love you to the Moon and Back!  You have blessed our home, our family, and our friends in many ways.  Today on your birthday we all celebrate YOU! 

Happy 1st Birthday to my SWEET GRAYSON!  


Jennifer said...

Have the most wonderful day today :)

Meredith said...

Happy 1st Birthday Grayson!!! Its so hard to believe its been a year!! Congratulations on walking!!! Yaaaaaay!!!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Grayson! What a loving letter to your sweet boy. Hope he has the best day!!!

Summer said...

Melissa what a beautiful post!! This made me cry happy tears for you and it shows GOD works miracles and look at your miracle baby he is 1! Wow time flies he is just so cute and those baby blues well he's gonna get away with alot with those LOL...
Happy Birthday Grayson!!


Bethany said...

I have tears down my face from reading this. Even though I don't know you and your family personally, so many of your special memories made me remember similar moments with each of my daughters. Happy Birthday to Grayson! Now onto more enjoyable moments for you with your toddler :)

Life Happens said...

Happy Birthday Grayson!! What a great letter to your son. When he gets older, I'm sure he will love to read t and reflect on his first year of life!

Rachel Harvey said...

I'm reading this post and feeling the emotions that I felt when Weston turned one. And knowing that I'm getting ready to go through all of those 1sts again, and it will be my last time to celebrate those firsts. Congratulations on making it through the 1st year. I know there are tough times! You are a great mother! :)

The Ormons said...

very sweet letter...little boys are the best.. have fun celebrating his birthday.. it does go by very fast

Tricia Nae said...

Happy Birthday Grayson!!

Kristen said...

Happy 1st birthday, Grayson!! Maybe you and Sara Kate can get together some time to play. Hope your birthday party is a blast!

Karen At Home said...

What a beautiful post!!! Have a great time celebrating with your sweet little guy.

Happy Birthday Grayson!!!!

KM said...

Happy First Birthday Grayson!!! Congrats to Mommy and Daddy as well!!!


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Jessica said...

happy birthday Grayson!! I cant believe he is 1. Such a sweet post!

Danielle Taylor said...

Happy 1st Birthday Grayson!!!

Allyson said...

Happy Birthday to Grayson!

Dani Pulcifer said...


Kat said...

Happy birthday!

wallacefamilyblog said...

Happy 1st birthday to Grayson!

Thanks for the info on the frames

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