Friday, August 28, 2009

My Wedding Shower and Ideas - Show Us How You Live

Engagement Photo - July 2006
I have taken a few weeks off of doing Show Us Your Life hosted by Kelly's Korner and now I am back. Today is Wedding Shower Ideas so join in the party and share your ideas. My wedding shower was a Couple's Shower given by our friends Kim and Brad Fisher. They went all out with a Luau Theme as we were having a destination wedding and she wanted to follow that same theme. First I will start by saying that I feel blessed that my Mom and Jessyca were able to come from Montana for this event. We also had Mary and Greg Ramsey come into town from Bee Branch, Arkansas. So needless to say it was a weekend of FUN at the Stafford Home. Our shower was hosted at the Fisher's Home and it was perfectly set up and decorated. They started with each guest receiving flower leis and leaving a special note on a picture frame that we NOW have hanging in our home. They served some AMAZING food and since I am really into desserts I remember exactly what was served a chocolate fondue foundation with fruits, assorted cookies, a chocolate cheese ball with graham crackers, and an amazing cake from Rick's Bakery. It was YUMMY! The beverages they served were Corona, Jamaican Beer, Punch, Water, and assorted soft drinks. I was pretty impressed on all the details. It has only been three years ago, but it is sad I don't remember some of the details of the food. I am not into playing Bridal Shower games, but we did play a few games that were fun for all adults. One game was how well do you know the couple? Kim generated a list of questions to ask everyone and guess who won Mary Ramsey. Or at least that is who I remember winning. We got some amazing gifts and I felt very loved during this event. I felt and still feel blessed to have Kim and Brad Fisher in our lives. They are very special friends to us now and forever. They both did an amazing job hosting our wedding shower. When we finally do get pregnant I can't wait to have a baby shower... I know it will be perfect and a special moment for us. When that day comes I will document better the special details and loving touches that were put into the event. Now onto all the pictures, which is what you are all waiting for. Enjoy because after the pictures I thought that I would share a few Wedding Shower Ideas that I have with EVERYONE!
Now for some Wedding Shower Ideas and Tips
My favorite website to browse wedding ideas and tips:
It is a must stop by site!
I loved everything about my wedding, but I wish I would have known about this website back when I was planning my wedding. I LOVE the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party idea under the decor section. I might just have to keep that in mind for a little girls birthday party when I have kids. There are tons of categories on the site so what are you waiting for stop and check out this site!


Rachel H. said...

What an awesome cake?! I love it, and I love showers! I love getting ideas from other people! Thanks for posting!

Todd and Courtney said...

I love it! It looked like so much fun and awesome website for more ideas!!

Ashley said...

Such a great party! It's beautiful!!! I love the cake! ;) You guys look so adorable, as always! Love you!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Beautiful pictures.....and the cake was outstanding....

Shoshanah said...

That cake looks so good!

Unknown said...

We don't have showers here in Ireland - just lots of rain showers!!!

It looks wonderful - thanks for sharing.

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