Friday, November 4, 2011

a fun October 2011

warning lots of pictures...

I know it is November, but we did have a FUN October and I wanted to make sure that I recap all the fun things we did. 

Plus I am going to work on printing my blog posts into a book by the end of this year!
{a big project I am thinking, but I am determined to get it completed by the end of the year}

We went to the pumpkin patch with our good friends the fisher family!

I love this pumpkin patch they have so much for the kids to do and I look forward to taking Grayson and Crew their every year going forward. 

at the pumpkin house
sliding down the slide with daddy
favorite thing was the tractor
going for a cow train ride with Kendall
wants to ride the tractor again...
playing with water = fun times as always
playing in the corn sandbox
family photo, this is the best out of all of them.  Grayson and I are a bit blurry so that is why it is in black and white
hayride Grayson loved
playing in the hay bales

Next Grayson's cousins came a week later and Grayson had a fun 3 day weekend with them all leading up to Halloween Day!

We painted pumpkins and as you will see by the pictures everyone had a great time!

We all cleaned up and got ready for a evening of fun at Grayson's school fall party

The next day we went back to the same pumpkin patch to share all the fun with Grayson's cousins.

The final full day with my sister's family we went to the Fisher Annual Halloween Party and it was a great time for all!
Amie and Grayson...adorable picture
such a fun little guy!  It was so hard to get him to take a picture with his brother Aidan and Grayson.
Amie and her boys!
Love this picture, Drew is a momma's boy 100%! 
Family Photo

At the Halloween Party we did a small reveal party.
It was great to share news with all our friends!

And for the final day of October we took Grayson trick or treating around our neighborhood and I think he understood the concept of knocking on the door and getting candy after the first door.  Here are a few pictures of our evening together.  He also loved handing out candy to all the kids that came to the door.

Sorry again for the long post just trying to catch onto November!


Jessica Hudson said...

Your reveal is so cute! I've never seen that. So adorable. Love all the pics - such a beautiful family!

Miranda said...

He is the cutest thing! I loved all the pictures! :-)

Love Being A Nonny said...

Great family fun! I love the reveal!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

October is so much fun with kids around, huh? Look like a great month!

Dana said...

Love all the pics! Looks like you had such a great time with ur sis and nephews :D And I love the idea of how y'all told everyone it was a boy! Love the name Crew :)))) Start practicing saying Grayson and Crew get in here, hehe!!!

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