Saturday, January 14, 2012

a friday

a Friday spent with Grayson

Today I thought that I would do a post on a day spent with Grayson.  I want to look back and remember the moments we had together just G and I!

Every morning our day starts with snuggle time in mommy's bed.
We watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for about 30 minutes at the most and Grayson is READY to go play! 

While Grayson is playing I get breakfast ready for both of us.  This morning waffle and bananas for Grayson and Mommy has water and oatmeal!

As Grayson eats I usually stand in the kitchen and eat my breakfast and check work emails and get a few reports completed.

After breakfast Grayson is off to his playroom to get a few toys that he ends up bringing into the kitchen to play with while I clean up the kitchen from breakfast and unload the dishwasher.  Sometimes he helps with unloading the dishwasher, but today was a day of all play!

Once the kitchen is clean I change Grayson into his day clothes and we spend the morning playing.  Today we colored! 

Lunch time for Grayson
I am working on getting Grayson to sit at his big boy table for all meals and eat.  He is doing great.  I thought that he would get up and down a lot, but he doesn't.  He makes a big mess, but I am also trying to teach him to keep it on his plate and when we are down we throw our food away in the trash!  Only problem NOW he thinks EVERYTHING needs to go into the trash after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Spoons, plates, and cups...

Today for lunch his blanket and his paci's joined him...

Nap time for Grayson
he loves this book, I loved that I was able to capture a moment of him saying Shhh just like in the book...

a sweet smile to mommy before I left his room

During nap time today, I took a nice relaxing shower, got ready for the day, and worked.  I have a GREAT napping boy that takes between 2-4 hour naps each day so a lot can get completed in that time.

Grayson is UP!
We have a snack together and play play play!!!

On this particular day I decide to give Grayson dinner early because we are having dinner with friends later in the evening and Grayson seems to eat better when we are at home..
again here we are trying to eat at the BIG boy table
some day he will get the hang of getting the food to his mouth instead of his chair... it is all in learning and growing

Right after dinner we ALWAYS have BATH TIME!

Our final moment together just G and I driving to the resturant to meet friends for dinner!

I love my special days with Grayson!

Always on the lookout for a Target coupon for more Grayson supplies!

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Elisabeth said...

What a wonderful post! I loved that book when I was Grayson's age. They now have a sequel to it and I can't wait to share them both with my niece.

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