Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

Thursday Tidbits

I haven't done a post like this before, but I just thought I would share a few thoughts.

~ thank you so much for the comments and emails from my last post I appreciate every word. I plan to try several of the ideas that were sent to me.  One comment left was, "how did I feel after having the 3 hour test?" I felt fine, however I am exhausted and I thought it was just because I am always on the go with Grayson and don't get to rest at all until bed time.  I think that has something to do with it, however I have seen my energy level increase slightly since changing my diet.  I hope I answered your question.  If you are interested in hearing from others check out the comments on the last post :)  

~ who doesn't LOVE pinterest...
Anyways, I was on pinterest yesterday afternoon and I pinned a site suggestion for iPad's. When I went to the link which is she shared a link to Let's Lasso the Moon and she shared this adorable Valentine's wallpaper for your iPhone or iPad.  It is adorable and I thought I would share with all of you!

~ yesterday I also spent some time going through my blog list I read daily and deleting blogs that don't do updates anymore.  It makes me sad.  I remember reading some of the blogs I deleted when they were going through infertility than they received an amazing blessing of getting pregnant and after they had their baby or babies no more blog posts.  I spent the afternoon thinking how are they doing and wondering how old their babies are etc....
I may not update my blog everyday, but I am glad I have stuck with blogging after having Grayson and REALLY hope to continue to blog after Crew.  I miss some of those blogs...
I know that some times you have to give up things such as blogging or social media after having a baby because it can become too much, but this really is my record keeper of Grayson and allows me to look back on what we have done over the past 20 months.  I have YET to do anything with Grayson's baby book that he got from his Auntie JJ, however I do have all of his photobooks printed and updated. 

~ our updated list before Crew arrives:
(I crossed off the items we have completed)

1. Crew's Nursery Furniture Needs to arrive and be setup in his room.
2. Order Crew a chair like Grayson's for pictures - done and completed 01/15/2012

3. Get the carpets cleaned in Crew's Nursery
4. Crew's Bedding waiting for it to be completed and picked up
5. Crew's coming home outfit need to figure out what I want and purchase...decisions decisions!
6. Organize ALL closets in our house
My closet and drawers
Chad's closet and drawers
Grayson's closet and drawers
Crew's closet and drawers - need to also wash all clothes that are currently in the attic and organize by sizes
7. Find a toy chest for the playroom - the little toys are getting out of hand and they need a home after Grayson is done playing with them.
8. Finalize Health Insurance for the boys!
9. Register at the hospital before delivery day
10. Finalize plans for Grayson on delivery day
11. Finalize Maternity Leave for myself and all the details
12. Decide on what to wear and take to the hospital for myself
13. Take bounce seat, swing, and nap nanny out of the attic
14. Pack bags for myself, Grayson, and Crew. Chad will also have to pack his bag too for the hospital.
15. Organize cabinet in kitchen for the boys, clean bottles, and get breastfeeding things organized.
16. Register for baby shower
17. Setup Pack N Play in our room
18. Chad wants to paint our bedroom and bathroom before Crew comes, knowing him he will do it!
19. Decide on doing something special with Grayson before Crew comes... ideas?

Slowly we are getting things completed!


Angie said...

You are really making progress on that list!

lsrowe said...

I would love to follow you on Pinterest. You have the best ideas. How could I find you?

I love reading your blog I have a little guy that is a bit younger than your son and it helps me to see what is coming up developmentally.

Good luck with the GD. You will make it.

Stephanie said...

I know, I get sad sometimes about deleting blogs, but I just can't follow up with them, especially when there is only one post every 6 months, maybe less.

Looks like you are getting ready for Crew! How exciting, hope things continue to go smoothly!


Melody said...

I have gestational diabetes (I was reading your post below). I had it with my first baby too. But, this time I have had to be on the diet since week 21. When you have it in a previous pregnancy, they make you test early the 2nd time! WAHOO, lol. Anyway, I'm due March 4th but the doctor says she won't let me go past Feb. 26th since I'm diabetic. I eat a LOT of cottage cheese and yogurt. And, on whole wheat, I eat grilled cheese a lot too :)

Diane said...

Before our younger son was born, we took Dillon out to Mid America (we lived in Hot Springs at the time, and so it was easy to get to). The day before Michael was born, we took Dillon to get ice cream and Starbucks for a treat. Little things to make his day even that much more special. :-)

Zina :: Let's Lasso the Moon said...

Melissa, thanks for sharing our iPhone wallpaper. :-) We try to offer seasonal designs so come back again after the holiday. I know how you feel about cleaning out your blog reader. One of my favorite kid's science blogs shut off their lights last year. The writer took a week of vacation without her computer came back and decided it was too much. Luckily for her reader many of her cool experiments are still hosted. Thank you for taking the time to continue blogging. It is challenging and perhaps we all just need to say "thank you" to each other more often and acknowledge the fact it is sometimes hard (but rewarding).

Amber said...

I also wondered about some of the people that have gone through infertility with me. I know I changed blog addresses once I had Morgan but its definitely a good thing to keep up with.

Karen At Home said...

Hi Melissa!!!! I have been meaning to tell you how sorry you are going through gestational diabetes but it sounds you are doing an amazing job to stick to a strict diet for your health and Crew's. You are a great Mom and I know you will get through this!!! I am sure it will be over before you know it, these weeks are just flying by so fast!!! I can't believe it!!!

Have a great weekend!!


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