Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 02 - Frame a Day

First I would like to share a little tip with all of you who are participating in the 366 project this year.

I used Mixbook for my frame a day book for 2011 and I saved all my images in one place by utilizing facebook, I do have them saved by each month on my hard drive.  However I wanted to have one place to pull all the images over to a photobook and that is why I used facebook.  I have since ordered my Mixbook photo book for 2011 and I have had SEVERAL issues in regards to getting it printed.  It seems that my images that are in facebook and than transferred to the mixbook program are disappearing.  Thus missing pictures that I thought were there.  As a result I have to NOW start over me I have tried everything and my sister Amie is looked at it for me, and we both have contacted Mixbook for support.  Mixbook has been VERY supportive and they are not sure what is going on, but I wanted to give all you the heads up... don't transfer your images from facebook to Mixbook.  I have created SEVERAL books through Mixbook and have not had ANY issues until now!  I don't want you to have to go through the same pain I am going to have to go through to get my 2011 frame a day book.  I hope this TIP helps!

Now onto Week 02 2012

can you please ignore the fact that I interchanged 366 and 365...
I noticed after I completed all the template files and didn't feel like going back and changing.  Oh well!

this week's theme over at one every seven photography challenge by Lemongrass Photography is

my plan for the week was to do all my images around a circle theme, but that didn't happen and it is okay.

I do have one simple image I captured of Grayson to describe circles his tunnel into his tent.

If you have any questions on anything in regards to the 366 project please let me know. 


Allyson said...

Caden does the same thing with his wubbanubs! So cute :)

Sarah said...

I absolutely LOVE the days of the week frames you are using here. Where did you get those from?

Dana said...

how did you do those posts for each day? what app or program did you use?? :)

Stephanie said...

I love Grayson with his wubbanubs! My daughter, Evy has 2 frog paci's that she has to have to sleep and she puts her fingers in the nipples too. So cute!

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