Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I have joined the Bloom Community. Won't you? I really want to do a bible study group this year, but with my schedule at work and Awana's each Wednesday it is hard for me to get together with a group. If I start something I want to be committed 100% and not miss a day. So with that I have joined a wonderful group called the Bloom Community that was started with the help of Angie Smith and Jessica Turner. These two girls are AMAZING and I look up to them in many ways. If you don't know these two AMAZING girls you need to stop by there blogs and than jump over to the Bloom Community and Join Today!

The first book is CRAZY LOVE.
My husband has read this book and he has nothing but amazing things to say about it. So I am excited to start reading, discussing, and growing with the help of all the member at the BLOOM COMMUNITY. I am so excited that my sister Amie is also joining and I can't wait to see how we both grow within this community of amazing people. So won't you join today?


Anonymous said...

I am super excited for this and I feel that this Bloom community came into our lives for a reason of course for different reasons. Looking forward to getting the book and start reading it. Love you and I will give you a call tomorrow.

Ashley said...

GREAT idea Melissa! It's great to be a part of a group where you have others hold you accountable. I know you are busy, but me and Chad are joining a Bible Study class at Pinnacle that will take place on Tuesday nights I believe. I know your schedule is crazy but if you ever want to join, let us know! We would love that!!!

Love you sweet pea!

krislyn. said...

I am a member!! I am very excited for the book club to get started. I have too heard just incredible things about this book, and how it is going to change your view on church .. Should be great.

I had never heard of "ning" before joining the Bloom Community, what a great community and social network!

Rachel H. said...

I have never heard of this, but I'll go check it out and maybe I'll join. I'm a member of a book club, but I'm always out of town and can never make the actually meetings. :(

Anonymous said...

I bought the book at Parable bookstore two weeks ago! Include me, too. :)

The Coach's Wife said...

I can't wait to get started. My hubby has been doing a men's group at our church on Thursday mornings before work and they have been doing a book study on this book. He loves it!!!

Jennifer said...

I am so glad you told me (us) about this! I have been wanting to do a bible study but my husband and I are still in search of a new church. I would love to join this group.

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