Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Miracles happen everyday and everywhere around all of us. Sometimes we are blind to many miracles around us as we become busy with everyday life. I am as guilty as anyone.

Life is like a gift that is a Miracle
When I wake up everyday I don't throw away my dreams I hold them close to my heart because I know that my dreams will be apart of an ordinary miracle.
I want to see a Miracle? Don't You?

These sweet boys are Growing and Changing Everyday and that in itself is a Miracle. Go check out Amie's Blog and look at the AMAZING photos that she has taken of the boys over the past few days. She is working on her Passion of Photography and I think that she is doing a FANTASTIC JOB. So stop by and tell her how she is doing.
Thanks for your love!

Just a reminder: tomorrow is the question and answer post. I will answer all your lovely questions. So send me all the last minute questions. I am excited to answer all your questions.


Anonymous said...

thank you for the sweet comments, it is a work in progress but i am loving it. makes me so happy. love you

rae said...

You may have already answered this, but are there any answers as to why you are battling infertility? Did any doctors have a specific diagnosis? (I didn't start reading until your last IVF) You may not want to share this, but what fertility specialist do you go to? Thank you so much for being so open and willing to answer questions. I love your blog!!

The Pifer's said...

Miracles are God's way of saying "I can do anything if you allow me to and believe in me"...Miracles are his way of showing ourselves and others that God does hear your prayers, he just answers them in his timing...not ours!!! Miracles are gifts from God!

Love ya and love this post...heading over to see her blog now ;o)

Rachel H. said...

I love this post! There are so many miracles that God provides us with, and he'll provide them for all of us in his time. We just have to remember that it's in his time, and it's not on our timeline.

Summer said...

My hubby and I battled infertility for two years before we had our miracle baby! I know this is a little personal but I am with Rae on this one... Did any doctors give you a specific diagnosis? I went to several and after tons of bloodwork they discovered the reason for all of my miscarriages was from a blood clotting issue and for me to take Heparin Shots and Baby Aspirin... and Ta Da my sweet precious miracle baby will be 3 next week! When she was 5mths old I was diagnosed with DM/Lupus/RA soooo I think this had alot to do with my infertility we just didn't know it at the time....
I love your blog.... Hope the question wasn't toooo personal :0)

Megan said...

I would love to see a miracle too. =)

Ashley said...

God is going to do a miracle in your life soon. Ask, and you shall receive.

I love you dear friend... and you have my prayer EACH AND EVERYDAY!

Looking forward to spending time with you Friday night and Saturday! We are taking Ave to the nursery at church so I can spend some time with my buds! ;) (Pinnacle has a nursery on Friday nights so I can take her)


Anonymous said...

I checked in on Amie's blog this morning while getting my hair done. The girls in the salon were ooing and ahhing over those beautiful boys and their big bright eyes. :) Amie has great talent!

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