Tuesday, December 15, 2009

17 Weeks

I am a day late doing this post, but I have a great reason.  I was in LA this past weekend and I was busy catching up with household duties and a full day of work.  Plus yesterday I finished my Christmas Shopping.  I do not want to be out shopping with everyone in NWA this weekend.  Finally I wanted to participate in the Nester Christmas Hour Tour so that was my post for Monday.  If you haven't seen my home check it out here!

I am 17 weeks and 1 day!  Yeah!  I have to admit that being pregnant is not what I thought it would be I just thought that your belly grows and no pains will be involved.  Let me tell you I was wrong.  I have for the past two weeks been in so much pain by the end of the day.  My hips and my lower back are killing me.  I had no idea I would have these kinds of pains I just thought your belly grows and all is great.  Oh well, I am blessed to have the pains as I know my little one is growing which means I need to grow too!  A few things that are helping are baths, heating pad, walking, and stretching.  I am thinking that I am just around the corner where my jeans are no longer going to fit and I am going to have to go out and purchase a belly band.  I am thankful that I am still fitting in my normal clothes at 17 weeks.  I don't have a belly yet I just think that I am thick and if you didn't know me you wouldn't even know I was pregnant.  Now onto the weekly highlights!

Here is my 17 Week picture of Baby Stafford!  He/She is the size of an turnip.  This picture was taken last night and I did have cute boots on today, but when we took this picture I had my ballet slippers on and it doesn't look that great, but oh well I was at home!
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along:  17 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Not sure as I don't weigh myself at home we will see at my next appointment in January 2010
Maternity Clothes:  None
Sleep:  I am sleeping better just a few aches and pains in my hip and lower back
Best Moment this week:  Feeling better just a few aches and pains!
Gender: Not Sure Yet...we will find out in January 2010
Movement:  None - I hope soon :)
Food Craving:  Breakfast I love cereal and currently I am loving Honey Nut Cheerios. I love to have apples and crackers for a snack. For lunch and dinner I still like bland food such as grilled cheese.
What I miss:  Chocolate Milk - why do I not drink chocolate milk anymore?  It does not taste good at the moment I hope I will like it soon!
What I am looking forward to:  My appointment in January and Christmas with my family!
Weekly Wisdom:  If you are tired and your body hurts it is good because your baby is growing!
Symptoms:  Still tired and my hip and lower back ache at night!


Kaylan said...

Oh the joys of pregnancy!!!!! What wonderful pains!! :) I know exactly the pains you speak of, but your wisdom is true...if you are tired and your body hurts, your baby is growing!! :) Your body is preparing itself because it is housing another HUMAN BEING for the next few months!! Isn't that AMAZING!!! What an AWESOME creator we have!! Glad to hear/read you are well, can't wait to find out what Baby Stafford is!!!

Fabiola said...

Dear Melissa,

I’ve been reading your blog for quite a few weeks, but I do think this is the first time I Will comment.
I am 13 weeks pregnant and I am enjoying so much your reports. I am having abdominal pains, like I did a lot of crunches.
By the way, my name is Fabiola and I am from Brazil.


Anonymous said...

Love the picture! Thanks for the call this morning! Hope you have a nice day and also wanted to discuss dinner plans while you are here visiting when you have a free moment. Love you and thanks for always keeping us in the loop through your journey.

Summer said...

What a cute baby bump you have!! You are sooo right if ya are tired and your body hurts your baby is growing!!
Summer :0)

Unknown said...

wow, you look amazing. i was that size at 8 weeks pregnant! crazy how everyone is different! you are adorable!

In With the Light said...

You're looking great! I wish I had still been in my own jeans at 17 weeks! I think I was out of mine by 14 or 15 weeks.

Crystal said...

Hi Melissa! I love that you share with us every week! Also, I wanted to let you know I have tagged you my blog with an award!

Sallie said...

I finally broke down and bought a pregnancy body pillow- AMAZING. I bought the Boppy brand, but would think any kind would work. The pillow really eliminated my hip pains and really helped me sleep as I continue to grow, grow, grow (I am currently 32 weeks). I also bought a maternity brace which helps while I work (I sit at a desk 8 hours and my tailbone was miserable by the end of the day- the brace is not pretty, but does help a TON!)
Praise God for the sweet blessing you have been given!

Stephanie said...

You are so cute! Hope you get some rest! Glad you are sharing to joys of your pregnancy... as someone with fertility trouble it is so good to hear the joys of pregnancy rather that the complaints! Take care!


Ashley said...

YOU ARE ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mallory said...

Hi Melissa, new reader. Kelly directed me to your blog. I'm so happy that you and your hubby are finally becoming parents! FYI: Your ticker at the top of your page is off by a day. Today it says you're 17 weeks & 1 day pregnant, but since you said you were that yesterday when you posted, the ticker should read 17 weeks & 2 days pregnant today. LOL forgive me, I constantly notice the small stuff.

Traci said...

Oh Melissa, you look adorable. I'm so excited that you are marking your weeks like this for us to see.

I keep thinking I will see you out and about and give you a hug! :)

Rachel H. said...

You look great!! It's such a fun and special time! :) I know you are so excited!

Emily said...

I found your blog from Kellys Korner right when you announced you are expecting. I have a 14 month old and I always remember saying I never had any specific cravings while I was pregnant but after reading all of your updates I realized that I also craved bland foods. I ate a lot of Honey Nut Cheerios and toasted cheese sandwiches and I don't think I have had them since! You are in my thoughts and wishing for a continued healthy pregnancy! Congrats!

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