Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All About Me

I have many new followers and it amazes me everyday that people read my blog at all.  So today I thought that I would spend some time with a brief overview of who I am!  Enjoy!
  • I was not born and I did not grow up in NWA
  • I have three sisters which includes a twin
  • My parents both live in Montana
  • I met my husband at Walmart Home Office
  • We got married on the beach in Jamaica - can't wait to go back next year (hopefully?)
  • We have 4 year old Weim dog named Bella
  • We have a 3 month old baby boy named Grayson
  • I secretly miss being pregnant (it is such a special bond that you have with your baby) and look forward to getting pregnant again (just not right now)
  • I don't work for Walmart anymore I work for a toy vendor and work on the Walmart and Sam's Club Account
  • My husband still works for Walmart (21 years)
  • I would like to have 2 kids
  • I have been blogging for a little over a year now
  • I started blogging after reading Kelly's blog and thought it would be a great way for my family to see what we are doing and for me to journal my thoughts around infertility and now motherhood
  • I love getting emails from blog followers
  • I love to decorate my home and help others too
  • I love local boutiques from clothing to household items
  • I love a CLEAN house - you might think this is funny, but I often rearrange our house just so the house feels fresh and clean
  • I think everything in our home should have a place where it belongs.  It makes for keeping our house clean and organized
  • I am not a Collector or a Hoarder
  • I hate smelly laundry - I (we) usually do laundry every other day
  • I love when my house smells good.  Another funny fact is I probably have about 10 Febreze plug in's throughout my house, but any one that comes to my house always ask how do I get my house to smell this good.  Two things Febreze Plug In's and our Lampe Berger
  • I love clean sheets
  • I love snuggling in the morning with Grayson and holding him when I can while he is sleeping (don't tell Chad)
  • I love working out and look forward to starting back to the gym in the next few weeks.  I enjoy doing pilates, walking, and Zumba. 
  • I only drink WATER nothing else besides a glass of chocolate milk in the morning
  • I am not a coffee drinker
  • I love anything dark chocolate, my favorites are dark chocolate M&M's and Dove
  • I love pedicures
  • I love my family and friends couldn't ask for anything more
  • I love the beach
  • Favorite Seasons are Spring and Fall
  • Love Twitter and Blogging as I have contacted with some many people and have made some great friends
  • I love reality shows such as Rachel Zoe, Flipping Out, Real Housewives (all of them), basically anything on the Bravo channel, Project Runway, SYTYCD, Big Brother...the list can go on and on.
  • I also DVR one soap opera and that is Young and the Restless
  • Love watching movies on Sunday mornings - we don't do this very often now with Grayson and we are busy getting all of us ready for church
  • Date Nights with Hubby
  • Giving surprise gifts to my family
  • Long walks with Bella and listening to music
  • I love long showers and warm bubble baths
  • I love shopping especially for baby clothes
  • I love finding great websites that sale unique items... love ETSY!
So I know the list is a bit random and all over the place, but hopefully it gives you a brief overview of ME.  It was fun putting the list together and just for FUN I would love to hear ABOUT YOU.  Leave me a comment or link to your blog and I will stop over for a visit. 

Just in case you thought the above was boring here are a few pictures of Grayson to make you SMILE!

Happy Wednesday!
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