Wednesday, December 14, 2011

18 Month Well Visit

Today was a busy day for the Stafford Family.  It started with Grayson having his 18 month well visit!  For the first time I felt that we are finally going to a well visit and Grayson didn't have a cough or a runny nose.  He seems so happy and healthy!  Little did I know...

Grayson's ear tubes are GONE :(  I am so sad!
I was really hoping to make it another season with tubes.  On top of that Grayson has an ear infection.  NO FUN!  We are on antibiotics and ear drops.  I hope it is clear before we get on a plane next week.

Our wait in the doctor's office was longer than normal and Grayson was into EVERYTHING...
I tried hard to keep him busy and out of things, but boy was he curious of everything. 

Growing Grayson Updates:
Weight - 22 pounds 14 ounces (10.63% growth percentile)
Height - 31" (10.20% growth percentile)
Head - 47.5 cm (37.52% growth percentile)

Before leaving Grayson got two shots and was so interested in the band-aids he kept trying to pull down his pants.  Once we took the band-aids off during bath time tonight Grayson played with them in the bath tub and he also had to hold them in his hands the rest of the night...silly boy!

During lunch hour Chad and I met at my doctor's office to have a 3D/4D ultrasound to see baby Crew.
He didn't play well at all and had his hands over his face the entire time.  We got a few good images and confirmed that he is still a boy!
We get to go back after Christmas and see Crew again and hopefully we will get some good images.  I am just happy to see his sweet face again before March 2012. 

I took the below image with my phone...

Sorry again as always for my lack of blogging...

Tomorrow I will have my Week 26 Post Up and on Friday I am going to do a Post on my 365 Day Project Mixbook Photo Book.  I plan to share my book, share tips, and my ideas for 2012. 


Katie said...

What a cute little peanut. Sorry about his ears...poor thing!

Amber said...

Poor thing about his ears-thats always the worst thing for their little ears but hope the antiobiodic clears his ears up.

Jessica said...

I haven't logged on in what seems like forever. Congrats on baby Crew!! Love the name. Grayson and my Landry are almost the exact same size at 18 months!

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