Friday, December 2, 2011

Grayson Monogram Clothing Sale

I am linking up to Kelly's Blog and think the monogram swap is a WONDERFUL idea! 

Grayson has a lot of MONOGRAM items that are hard to see go, but since I can't keep everything it will be nice to see them go to a sweet boy named Grayson. 

I took the images of each item last night and most of them were folded in a tote and in storage.  I will also tell you that I did not dry any of his monogram clothing.  I just washed them on delicate and hung them to air dry.


On onto the sale!
1. {GSK} 0-3 Month Gown with matching hat
price - $15.00
sorry the image is facing the wrong way...
2.  3-6 Month Gown
{GSK Monogram}
price - $10.00
3.  3-6 Month Gown
Grayson down the side
price - $15.00
4.  Grayson 0-3 Month Onesie with G initial on the bottom of the onesie
price - $12.00/each
5.  Grayson 0-3 Month Onesie with G initial on the bottom of the onesie
price - $12.00/each
6.  same details as above
7.  same details as above
8.  same as above
9.  {GSK} 3-6 Month Suspender Onesie
price = $6.00 

10. Grayson 3-6 Month Onesie with G initial on the bottom of the onesie
price = $12.00
11.  0-3 Month Onesie
Price - $10.00

12.  0-3 Months runs small
single G initial on onesie
price - $5.00

13.  6 Months Halloween Grayson Onesie
price = $6.00/each

14.  same as above

SOLD!!! 15.  Holiday 6-12 Months Onesie
price - $12.00

SOLD!!! 16.  Holiday 6 Months Onesie
price $6.00

17.  Grayson PJ's size 6 months front of PJ's are plain Green and button up the bottom has the monogram on it
price - $6.00

Most of Grayson's clothes were only worn once or twice.  If you are interested in any of the above items I ask that you email me at
please tell me which item you want by telling me the number beside each item that way I can clearly identify which item you want and can immediately go back to this POST and mark SOLD as soon as I get your email.  I also ask that you give me your mailing address and if you can pay via paypal that would be great! Payment details we can work out through email as well.  I hope that all the details that I have provided are clear.  If you have any questions please send me an email.

Thanks and happy shopping!

If this is successful I have a few more items, but since this is my first blog sale I didn't want it to be so overwhelming. 
Happy Friday!

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Faith said...

Such cute stuff, Melissa! Wish I had a Grayson =)

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