Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Comparing 2 Months

I was looking through G's 0-3 Month Photo book this morning and my two boys look so different.

Check it out...what do you think?

Crew at 2 Months

Grayson at 2 Months


Shelley said...

I would agree! It so fun how two babies can look so different! God works in great ways. I'd say Grayson looks more like you and Crew more like your husband. This is all based on images you have posted here - I could be way off! Either way they are both cuties :)

emily said...

Cute boys! They look so much alike too!

Kendra said...

The eyes give away how different they look!

Jessica said...

They do look a lot different! Crew looks a little smaller.

Welcome to the Shit Show! said...

They do look different! But they are both so stinking adorable!!

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