Sunday, June 26, 2011

13 Months {9 days}

First I am SO happy that Picky Sticky created stickers for months 13-24! We can NOW continue with our monthly updates. Which is really good for me because I have not STARTED one page of Grayson's baby book. Thank goodness for my blog.
Grayson you are 13 Months Old {and 9 days} once again I am several days late doing this post.
Not only can you WALK but you are RUNNING. You love for me to chase after you. You love to play hide and seek. You have also learned to shut the doors in our house. Your favorite room in our house is mommy and daddy's room and closet. You love to take the shoes out of our closet and carry them around.
You drink whole milk and LOVE it! I probably mentioned this on your last monthly post, but now that you are on whole milk you sleep through the night and it is such a huge blessing to mommy and daddy! Yeah Grayson! You still take your nap and night time milk from a bottle. I plan on breaking you from the bottle starting VERY soon. I am hoping by next month you are 100% on sippy cups.
Other big news is that we can also put you in your crib for naps and bedtime and you will go to sleep ALL BY YOURSELF. This is HUGE!!!! I really thought that I would be rocking you to sleep until you were 5, but not anymore. We are so proud of you!
You love table food and you EAT SO WELL! Here are is a list of food items you like: you love waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, fruit, veggies, yogurt, beans & weenies, hot dogs, noodles, corn dogs, fish sticks, cereal bars, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, and applesauce. Your newest thing is throwing your food on the floor when you are done eating. It is not fun to clean up so we are trying to stop you from doing this! Good thing Bella loves to help clean up too!
You are still saying Mama, Dada, Bella, Ball, and you can also say Ouch! It is so cute!
Every morning when I go and get you from your crib I pick you up and you give me a kiss...I love it! It is so sweet!
You love watching cartoons, your favorite shows are Wonder Pets, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Backyardigans. You also still love your Baby Einstein videos.
You LOVE being outside playing. You love to walk around in the grass and play with the dirt and mulch. You love to swing in your swing, splash in your pool, and go for walks in your wagon.
At your last appointment you weighed 19 pounds 5 ounces. You were 28 inches in height.
This past month you had Roseola that you got from daycare, but now you are feeling 100% better.
You are wearing size 3 diapers, however once we finish up with our stock on size 3 we are moving up to size 4.
Clothes you are wearing size 6-12 months or size 12-18 months...most of your summer clothes are size 12-18 months so we are wearing those and they are starting to finally fit you over the past week.
You wear size 4 shoe
You wear size 6-12 month or 12 month PJ's
You have 4 teeth on the top and 3 teeth on the bottom plus this week you started getting your one year old molars. It has been so rough on you. You gums are so swollen. We have given you your frozen paci, frozen waffles, and the one thing that really has worked is Orajel.
You are going through separation anxiety right now. If I leave the room you cry and now that you are walking you will follow me around and cry and whine. I either end up picking you up or I go and play with you in your playroom.
You have a great personality and it is neat to watch how you have changed so much over the past month. When you get upset now you stick out your bottom lip first before you start crying. When you don't get your way you either CRY, Hit my Face, or you will jump up and down and get upset. You don't get upset a whole lot the only time you get upset is when you want to go outside and I don't let you. That is when you start throwing a fit.
You have gotten several bumps this past month from walking and trying new things. Like climbing in and out of your chair you have fallen a few times. But you keep trying to learn how to sit in it and watch cartoons.
Your daddy loves that you are walking he thinks you are SO MUCH FUN! You get so excited when daddy comes home from work. You get the BIGGEST smile on your face and you walk super FAST to get to him.
You still love bath time and WATER in general. You love playing in Bella's water bowl. If the water bowl is on the floor you go straight for it and put your hands in it and splash!
This past month you did start swimming lessons. You did great and loved being in the water. You wanted to get out of my arms and play with the toys. I think you are really going to love swimming lessons.
You have changed so much Grayson and we are so blessed to call you are son. Thank you for the wonderful blessing you have given to us the past 13 months. You have brought so much happiness into our family.
Happy 13 Months to our Big Boy Grayson!
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