Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thoughts and Progress

{UPDATE the two items are GONE...that was quick, less than 10 minutes and both items are spoken for.  I am so glad they are going to be used again}

First I thought that I would share a video of Grayson walking.  He is 100% walking!  He will not crawl any where... he loves to be on his two feet!  He is busy and by the end of the day I am so tired!!!! 

Two thoughts to share:

1.  The 12 Month Board we made of Grayson well I am ready to put it away and I thought before I throw it away I thought I would see if any readers would like to have it.  First person to leave me a comment with their email address I will send it to you.  Otherwise by the end of this week it will be going in the trash. 

{the pictures will be removed before shipping}

2.  The scrapbook paper back drop that we made for Grayson's party I was going to throw it away too, but before I do I thought I would see if anyone wants it too.  So if any readers want this item please leave me a comment with your email address and I will get this mailed to you too.  It was not easy to make {at least in my opinion} and if I can save someone else the trouble I would love that!

{I am only referring to the scrapbook paper not the sign or the cookie in the picture}
Have a great afternoon!  It is beautiful here today!

{if you have trouble commenting please let me know.  I have had a few issues with people commenting on my blog, I hope this is not the case today}


Kimberley said...

am i the first? :) i would like the scrapbook back drop if it's available. how sweet of you!!

Summer said...

I would love to have that picture board! Whooo Hooo Grayson is walking how awesome! I think it's so funny you had to put the pictures will be coming off of it LOL some peeps probably would think it came with ha!

I am sooo proud of G and I know you are you are such a great mommy


e Daly said...

I do!!!!

Kendra said...

Jess :) said...

LOVE watching Little G walk!! SOOOOOOO CUTE! :) Wish I could see him do it in person, though!!! :) :) :)

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