Friday, June 21, 2013

365 DAY 2013

don't forget the giveaway ends today!  We will pick a winner tomorrow AM and announce via blog and instagram...

In case you did want to know I still take a picture everyday of my kids! 

Chad often tells me that it is annoying, but he will also be the first to tell you that he appreciates that I do this... 

I use to post them daily on Facebook, but this year I decided not too...
No particular reason just didn't get in the habit of doing it. 

I will tell you that I am VERY HAPPY that I do this everyday.  I often look back at the past two years that I have done this for the boys and I just LOVE having that memory through pictures of what my boys looked like, what they were doing, what they liked etc. 

I just know that (hopefully) their future wives will love them too!

So my question is what do you do to capture moments of your kids or your life...

My friend posted a picture on instagram yesterday and it stated these words:
SUMMER will end soon enough, and childhood as well! 
What a great reminder to STEP back and ENJOY CURRENT moments, CREATE memories, and CAPTURE those details. 

I may not ALWAYS have my nice big camera with me to capture, but the ONE thing I do have is my iPhone and it helps me capture these moments with my boys and my family! 
Pictures are apart of our family and they will always will be! 
I want my boys to look back and see what they were like and see what their childhood was like when they both become adults.  

So please share it may inspire me to try something different...
What apps do you like to capture pictures or to create storyboards etc...

Here are a few that I use each day:

here is my current book I have created for 2013

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