Thursday, June 27, 2013

bedtime update {great mommy advice}

a BIG thanks to all that left me a comment on this post... what do I do about...

I received so many wonderful comments and great ideas.  I encourage if you are walking in similar shoes as we are that you spend some time reading the comments in my post.  Wonderful thoughtful encouraging words! 

This is what I have changed in our bed time routine...
- no more iPad in his bed 
- once Crew goes to sleep which is around 7:45 or 8PM it is quite time all lights are out in the house and we snuggle on the couch together for 15 mins watching cartoons or a movie that he gets to pick out.  I also explained all of this to Grayson that after Crew goes to sleep it is quite time and mommy time to sit together and snuggle.  
After our snuggle time we go to his room and get ready for bed and read two books.  
We say our prays I explain to him that he has to stay in bed because it is time to sleep and mommy needs to go to sleep too.  
I have consistently done this since last Friday and the past four nights have been successful.  He may get out once, but I just walk him back upstairs and he stays in his bed.  I haven't sat outside of his room for a week now and it feels wonderful.  I am able to have my time and time with Chad as well.  

Looking back I feel as if I was the problem and I am glad I stepped out of the situation listened to other mommy's and changed our bedtime routine.
Thanks for being there for me...big hugs!

I will be the first to say if this doesn't continue to work I will try something else also glad I am not alone in this bedtime battle! 
I am also thinking of doing my series that I did two summer's ago called:
this is a series where other working mommy's, like me, can be a guest blogger on my blog and share their family and ideas they have to how they make it all work and balancing motherhood and working outside of the home. 
So who out there would be interested in doing something like this?  
If so email me at 
I think we will do the posts starting in July.  


Jessica Hudson said...

Way to go mama! It's so hard to make the changes, but I'm always surprised by how fast they catch on.

I only work twice a week, but have recently switched from a nanny to daycare and have so many questions/concerns. I'd love to learn from other moms.

Stephanie said...

I feel ya on the bedtime troubles! Until Houston was 15 months old, I was a walking zombie. At that time, with all other options exhausted, we finally tried "cry it out". It was terrible, horrible... I would have caved a hundred times if it weren't for Nick helping me.. but after 2 nights, he was a new child. A HAPPIER child with a full night's sleep finally in him AND me :) We joke the next child will being "crying it out" at 3 days old... ;)

The Haugens said...

I'd love to read those posts. I recently got a promotion which is exciting but the longer hours are causing so much mommy guilt. On top of that, we have just moved and the kids are starting at a daycare center instead of at-home daycare. I'd love to hear from others.

Unknown said...

awesome job!! I also found an amazing book with baby #3 that helped!! The Dream Sleeper on is awesome!!!

Caroline said...

Great news!!! That is awesome! I am so glad you decided to post about this because I've been having the same problem - except I end up falling asleep in my sons bed every night waiting for him to fall asleep too. I am going to start trying some of these recommendations and hope they help :) PS Would love a working mom post again. I have been praying hard about going back to work full time now that my son is almost 3

Jessica said...

SO glad things are going smoother at bedtime!! Jake was super into routine. He went to bed at 7:30 every night. We started with a bottle at 7 and then cuddled. We put him in the crib awake and he would go to sleep after a few minutes.
So far we are doing the same thing with Averie. It is going well! We just moved her into her own room at 10 weeks. I think it was harder on me!

Leah @ ThreeFites said...

I'd love to see your working mommy series come back! Like another mommy who commented, I am taking on a new job and need to give 150% which means mommy guilt while burning the candle at both ends. I'd love to hear how others are surviving and living the good life!

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