Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Since I didn't blog at ALL in MAY and many of you who follow me on Instagram  (melissastories) asked me about GRAYSON'S SUPERHERO PARTY I thought that I would do a quick post on the details! 

before the party pictures

The decor for his party came from 
Ashley was amazing to work with!  

She did everything from the party invites to the thank you cards

Since we just moved into our new house the week prior I wanted something that was simple and easy to do.  We had Grayson's 3rd Birthday Party at the park.  I rented a SPIDER-MAN bounce house, we had pizza, and cake.  We also had one art activity, which was super hero cuffs made out of toilet paper rolls, tattoos to put on, and the kids played at the park near by.  I thought it was a PERFECT idea for this age range and it seems as if EVERYONE had a GREAT TIME! 

Here is his invite and his thank you card:


I LOVE these two banners I had made, they are both made of vinyl and are now hanging in Grayson's Room 

Party Pics

Cake and Present Time
(grayson's favorite moments)

I can't believe my first baby is THREE, even though he tells me all the time that he is ONE... 
I just love the little boy he has become, he has a love for tractors still, he has a love for all things SUPERHERO!  
He has a sweet heart and is loving with a touch of wild in him.  He is SO busy just like his daddy.  
He is ALWAYS talking and telling me stories.  He loves to go to Walmart or LOWES with his daddy and he loves to snuggle watch a movie or read a book with his mommy or he likes for me to fly him like a superhero all over the house.  He loves to wrestle and be like a superhero with his brother.  
The age of 3 is so fun and NEVER a dull moment in our house! 

I hope this answer's all the superhero party questions! 

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