Thursday, August 15, 2013

little one - crew

 since I shared on Tuesday a little bit about Grayson and the age of 3 I thought that I would do a short write up about crew at his current age.  

Since I am not the best at blogging, but I am hoping I do get better at it my 365 day photo challenge has helped me SO much with keeping up with milestones or fun things both my kids do... 

crew or what we like to call you is little one...Meme started calling you little one so now Grayson calls you that or his buddy.  Just depends on the day. 

crew you are our strong willed child 
 you have a temper like no other 
you will cry and cry until you get your way I use to just give in, but now we are working on letting you cry it out and teaching you that you can't always have your way.  It is hard because I hate seeing you cry/throw a fit

crew you love Curious George you can go from being sad or crying and the moment you see Curious George either on the iPad or TV you and get excited 
crew you love to dance - if you follow me on instagram you have seen his dance moves 
anywhere we are at, if you hear music you start to dance
the is one of the best video's that we just took this past Sunday evening 
he has his back to my phone because he likes to stand in that one area and dance it is by the volume control and speakers

crew you love trains and you love the train table you will play with it for hours 

crew you say bye to anyone by blowing them a kiss

crew you don't like loud noises when Grayson rides his tractor or gator you run in the opposite direction and you always want me to hold you

crew you love to swing at the park 

crew you are so independent when we are out in public if you are out of my arms you instantly starts to walk away with not a care in the world... opposite from Grayson, Grayson would not think about leaving our side

crew at 16 months you had tubes put in your ears 

crew you love to mimic your brother we often see you playing with the superhero toys just like Grayson

crew you love chocolate just like your mama 

crew you are a mama's boy 

crew you love milk and recently we just had to switch you to Lactose Free Milk because whole milk, we think, was hurting your belly.  We have a few more days of trying out the lactose free milk.  We than are going to try to give you whole milk for a few days and see how your belly does.  I am hoping we can switch you back because you have been extra winy since we switched
and you LOVE your bottle

crew your smile and laughter is the best.  You smile with your eyes and your laughter is just like your mamas.  

crew I thought that your brother was/is busy, but I think you are going to keep us on our toes at ALL TIMES! 

Crew you can say 
night night 
you scream and point when you want something

crew you are a blanket boy you drag your blanket everywhere 

crew you follow direction and when I ask you to go get something like your blanket off of the ground you can go and get it.  You run to your chair when it is time to eat.  When I tell you it is time to go upstairs you run for the stairs to climb. 

crew you love to climb 

crew you love to be outside
this is you wanting to go outside daddy's shoe and you are ready! 

crew you dislike bath time not sure why I thought getting tubes would make bath time fun again, but more often than not you cry the entire time we give you a quick bath

crew you are a delightful little one and our little family would not be the same without you in it.  You are a joy and I look forward to seeing what you do and how much you change in the months to come.


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LC said...

LOVE the video of him dancing. What a sweet boy:)

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