Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun Friday

We are in Sioux Falls, South Dakota visiting with the Hansen Family. We arrived at 1AM on Friday morning and we sat up and held baby Drew for about an hour before we went to bed. When we got up in the morning Aidan thought that I was JJ (JJ is my little sister Jessyca, Aidan calls her JJ) until I told him that I was Auntie Lissa. He was excited to see Uncle Chad and asked us all day when are we going to Chuck E Cheese or can you take me to Chuck E Cheese. We had a Fun Friday just hanging out at the house. We played outside with Aidan while Brian and Chad made Cornhole Boards for the cornhole game. Hopefully it will be nice this weekend so we can enjoy a game of cornhole. Aidan is getting so big and loves playing with water guns in fact his Uncle Chad bought him sword water guns and it was great fun watching him play with Chad and spray everyone. I spent a lot of the day holding Drew... he is so small and such a happy baby. Later in the afternoon we made a trip to Target and came home and had Peanut Butter Noodles and helped get the boys ready for baths and bed. We took a few pictures today so enjoy the pictures and have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Love the Stafford Family!

Guess what Aidan wants to be when he grows up?

A is he doing so far?


Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Precious family time! Enjoy the holiday!

Libby said...

they are lovely photos!
great blog by the way

Jessyca said...

Ahhh seeing the pics, I wish I could be there... Miss you guys!!

Ashley said...

Aw, the pics are beautiful! Sounds like you guys are having a fun trip!!! ;) Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, will miss you Sunday!

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