Sunday, May 31, 2009

Keeping Up with the Jones

So I think it is actually Summer in NWA. We had beautiful weather this weekend and the sun makes me so happy. I like how the sun feels on my skin and how it warms my body... what a great feeling. I just hope the sun and bright blue skies stay for awhile.
On Saturday we had are good friends the Jones, with their kids, and Kendall's mom over for dinner and a few games of corn hole. I made a jalapeno chicken, steak fries, broccoli salad, strawberry pretzel dessert, and strawberry limeades. It was a wonderful dinner with great company. If any one wants the recipes please let me know.
The reason for my post is to share a few pictures of Kendall and Shawn's kids they are so much fun and are getting so big. Right now Gavin likes to act like a princess or mermaid and I put flowers in his hair like a crown. Addison on the another hand let me put flowers in her hair and than she would knock them out with her hands. So please enjoy the pictures of the kids and their flowers... Gavin might not like these pictures 10 years from now, but what a great memory!

The kids also had ice cream... yummy and look at the mess! I had white shorts on and YES those are now ruined... so if any one knows how to get chocolate out of white shorts please let me know. They are new and I would like to safe them if I can....

A few final pictures of a perfect evening outside enjoying the weather with great friends and creating great memories. The Jones Family thanks for taking the time to visit us at our home.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone... I know we will we are going on a long sunny walk with our dog Bella.


Shana said...

Looks like fun! Have you taken Bella to the new dog park yet? You can try peroxide on your shorts. I use to get blood stains out of my uniforms, years ago, with peroxide. That was the first thing that came to mind!

Jessyca said...

Pictures are great!! They are getting so big :) I do want those recipes surely they sound delicious. Love you Melissa wish we could talk more! Cant wait to see you

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