Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend with the Hansen's = FUN!

As you know Chad and I spent the Memorial Weekend in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was a fun filled weekend with the Hansen Family. We went to see the new addition to their family, Drew Preston Hansen. He is adorable and looks just like Aidan. He is happy baby and I enjoyed snuggling with him each day we were there. With a new baby we spent a lot of time at home, which was good for me because I like spending time at home and enjoying family. However we did take a few adventures.

We went to Chuck E Cheese per Aidan's request. His parents tell him that when special guests come to visit that they can take him to Chuck E parents! If you know me personally you know that I am not a FAN of Chuck E Cheese. I think Brian and Chad enjoyed the visit to Chuck E Cheese as much as Aidan did. Aidan and I went on a ride together and it was a neat ride, even though I thought it would have scared him, but it didn't... in fact we rode the same ride three times in a row. That evening we enjoyed a game of Phase 10 Master's Edition and brownies. I love brownies, but these brownies were very RICH. Note to self do not use dark chocolate fudge icing.

Our next adventure was the ZOO. I got to hold Drew in a moby wrap the entire time, which I loved and we walked around the ZOO looking at all the different animals. If you are a new mom and you don't have a moby wrap you should get one they are great! We saw Bears, Reindeer's, Monkeys, Giraffes, Zebras, Birds, and much more. The most interesting part of the trip was Aidan... he was so funny! I don't know if he was tired or just scared of the animals. He would scream if he did not want to see something... keep in mind everything was behind a cage and could not get Aidan, but he screamed any ways. Which is so funny because he loves animals. It will be interesting to hear if they go again and see how he reacts next time. Here are a few pictures of our Zoo Trip!

That evening Amie and I made Jalapeno Chicken for dinner and took more pictures of Drew while he was awake. While we made dinner the boys played corn hole and enjoyed the nice weather. Chad and I are grateful that we choose to go to Sioux Falls this weekend as the weather was nice there and we have heard that all it did in NWA was rain! Okay back to our visit we finished the evening playing another round of Phase 10 and the big winner was Amie. The rest of the evening we just helped with the boys, played, and held baby Drew. Our evenings ended late every night and we were up early. In fact last night at 11:00PM I was in Aidan's bed laying with him because he was scared and around 30 minutes later he was asleep, how can you say no to a three year old asking you to sleep with them... I can't. I hope you enjoyed the short version of our trip to the Hansen Family.

We are back in NWA and enjoying the evening with our sleepy dog Bella. She had a great time with her sitters and was so happy to see us. We are blessed to have Amie, Brian, Aidan, and Drew in our lives. Going to Sioux Falls was a needed visit for us, we needed a break from our life in NWA. I appreciate all the love and support the Hansen Family give to us each and every day. I wish you a happy and restful week ahead Amie and Thanks :)

I hope that every family enjoyed the long weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the much needed visit Melissa, I personally needed a Melissa fix! Talking to you on the phone each day is nothing compared to visiting with you in person. You are truly a special person in our life and I am lucky to have you. I really appreicate you taking time during the short visit to help me when you knew I needed it. It is nice to get a back break once in awhile. Thanks for taking care of me, Drew and Aidan and also to Chad for always offering when needed and adding laughter to our life. We truly enjoyed the visit. Good Night for now.... Amie

Ashley said...

Okay those are the cutest pictures EVER! I am so glad you had a nice weekend with Amy and Brian!! I know they mean a lot to you, and you to them! So sweet! ;)

The Pifer's said...


Anonymous said...

I just love that you have a twin sister and best friend all tied up in one. How wonderful and special! :o)

Glad Bella had a nice time at puppy camp.


MOMSWEB said...

Thanks for taking me on the cyber trip. I had fun and it looks like you did also!

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