Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sad Days

Overcoming sad days is difficult for anyone and today is a sad day for me as many sad things are taking place around me. First my Grandpa faraway (which is what we called him when we were little) is very sick and probably will not make it through the night. My Grandpa has fought cancer over the past few months and developed phenomena last month and is very weak from this illness. His oxygen levels are very low and he is at the max oxygen that the doctor's can give him. He is very upset and angry and my Grandma, Uncles, my Aunt, and my Mom are dealing with a lot of emotions. It is sad for them and for us to see my Grandpa hurting and right now there is nothing more the doctor's can do for him. My Mom and my sister Jessyca (with Marley) are heading to Idaho tonight and will hopefully get there before my Grandpa passes away. The doctor's say that he probably will not make it through the night, but he is a strong person and he has already fought many battles. I pray that my Grandpa finds strength to fight. I pray that my Mom and Jessyca arrive in Idaho safely. I pray that my Grandma is strong and brave to face the days ahead. I pray that my Mom is able to find peace and courage that this is God's plan. I only wish comfort and peace for my Grandpa. Chad, Bella, and I love you Grandpa and Grandma Faraway and we are sending ours prayers your way and big HUGS.
Second a sad event that took place today is the Rowe Family are having to say goodbye to their little girl Reese. I can't imagine how this family is feeling right now and the decision they have had to make over the past few days. Reese was born on August 11th, 2009 and has been fighting for her little life each day and today she is going to fly to Jesus. This family has been strongly on my mind over the past several days. If you would like to send your prayers to this sweet family you can go to the Rowe's blog and leave them a comment.
So today it has been a sad day and it feels as if a lot of events around me have been sad and I will continue to pray for peace for my family and the Rowe Family.
Please add My Family and the Rowe Family to your prayers! I appreciate your love and support.


Kim said...

I am thinking of you at this time. My husband's Grandma just passed away last week and it is always a sad time. Very sorry to hear about your Grandpa. My prayers are with you and your family.
I have been reading about the Rowe family on numerous blogs. I am praying for that family as well and hope they find peace.

Holly said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your grandpa. Him and your family are in my prayers.

Ashley Jo Anglin said...

I am very sorry about your grandpa. I know that is so hard. I am praying for you and your family. I feel like sometimes the great thing about blogging is all the prayers and support you get. I have been praying for Katie and Jason, as I have asked my church to pray for them.

Robin and Stephen said...

Praying for you and your family during this difficult time. You are so kind to think of another family during your own time of sorrow. Praying for the Rowe family as well.

Jen and Rob said...

Sending prayers your way.

Shermanators said...

My heart is breaking for everyone!!! I'm praying!!

Rachel H. said...

So sad...sending prayers your way and to the Rowe's. I haven't been online since early yesterday morning, so I didn't read the news of Katie and Jason until just now. It makes my hard hurt so bad especially with this baby now. I just want him to be okay and I pray everyday!

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