Saturday, August 1, 2009

Prayer Box

I have an amazing new friend Kim at Scarlett's Boutique that made me a wonderful gift for someone very special to me, but I can't show you the gift as the person reads my blog and I don't want to give it away. However she did make me a wonderful prayer box that I just love. Thank you Kim for the sweet card and the beautiful prayer box. I have been so emotional lately that I cried when I read the card. You are a very sweet and caring person!
I have it on my night stand and plan to put it to good use. My first prayers that will go in the box are very special to me and I think about these two little people all the time. My first prayer is for Sweet Stellan he is currently at Children's Hospital fighting SVT and is doing much better than he was at the beginning of the week. Stop by and visit My Charming Kids blog and show your love for this sweet boy!
My second prayer that will go into my box is for Kate McRae. This sweet and innocent girl is fighting a massive tumor on the basil ganglia portion of her brain. She has been at the Phoenix Children's Hospital undergoing treatment for this disease since June 29th, 2009. Please stop by and visit Kate and pray for this sweet girl.

Kim also made this wonderful bin that will be great to use for parties! Thanks Kim for all the wonderful new items for my home!
Happy Saturday My Friends!


Jess :) said...

Super cute stuff!! I absolutely LOVE that prayer box!! :) What a sweet idea. I might have to make myself one...wouldn't be as cute...but it sure would be fun to try!!

Have a stupendous Saturday!!

Jennifer said...

That prayer box is so neat! I love that idea!
The bucket is super cute, too! She is very talented!

The Trendy Couple said...

Love the bucket! SO cute... I might have to order one of those!

Allyson said...

LOVE the prayer box! I need one, it is such a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I love the items that were made for you. I really hope that you are having a great time right now at your party. Love you. Amie

Kim at Scarlett Boutique said...

I am so happy you love the prayer box, you are always in my prayers!!! Have a fabulous trip!

Shermanators said...

I used to use a prayer box with my kids in Sunday school...they LOVED it!! Have fun. It is such a blessing!!

Rona's Home Page said...

Pray is so powerful. Yes, I will keep the little ones and their loved ones in my daily prayers.

Ashley said...

I love KIM! She is so talented and the sweetest lady!! ;)

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