Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Grayson's Birth Story

Grayson is 3 weeks and 1 day old today and I am now sitting down to document his birth story.  First I would like to start by saying that I have a plan for everything in my mind. I always hope and wish that my plan will turn out. So yes I had a plan for how I wanted my labor and delivery to take place. I wasn't pushing at all to go into labor as I was very HAPPY being pregnant. So when the day arrived I was a bit shocked! My plan was to go to the doctor and they would send me to labor and delivery to have Grayson. Plus I wanted to have my sister Amie and our good friend Mary here, as I wanted to have both of them in the room with me during delivery. That was my plan...
Lets start with Sunday May 16th, 2010... all morning I was having extreme pain and cramping that would not go away and I was so uncomfortable. We went to church and through out the service I was having pain, which now I know were contractions. After church we had lunch and went home so I could lay down and see if things would change. I did not want to go to the hospital and they tell me that I was experiencing false labor. But after laying down for an hour things did not change. So I called the clinic and they suggested that I come in. So at 2PM on Sunday afternoon we made our way to the hospital. They got me settled into a hospital gown and hooked up to all the machines and I was in fact having contractions. They were not consist while we were there so they gave me the choice to stay or go home, plus I was only dilated to 1 CM. I really didn't want to spend the entire Sunday evening at the hospital and have nothing happen so we decided to go home. The fact was that I had an appointment the next morning with my doctor and we could discuss what to do then. On Monday May 17th, 2010 I had a 8AM appointment with Doctor H and we did the normal checks. I did not gain any weight from my last appointment and in total I gained 20 pounds during my pregnancy. My blood pressure was great. Grayson's heartbeat was 143 during the appointment. I was dilated to 2 CM. The only concern that we had was that Grayson had not moved all night and all morning. This was after having a glass of chocolate milk that morning too. So Doctor H decided to do a stress test on Grayson and after about 30 minutes or so still no movements only hiccups. They decided that it would be best to start inducing me that day as they thought that maybe my fluid levels were low and it was causing Grayson not to move as much. So at 9AM we were sent to the hospital to begin the process of labor and delivery. It was so surreal and I could not believe that on that day May 17th, 2010 that we would have little G. The amazing thing was that May 17th was the day I picked Grayson would be here. Isn't that funny!
The day progressed slowly and around 1PM they decided to start me on pitocin to help move things along. At this point I still did not have any pain medicine or an epidural as I wanted to wait until I had dilated more because at that moment I was on dilated to 2CM and I did not want the epidural to wear off. Throughout the afternoon I had strong contractions but nothing I couldn't breathe through at 3PM Dr K rechecked me and I was still at 2CM dilated. It was decided that they would wait until I was a solid 3CM to break my water. At around 5PM Dr K came back in and I had progressed to 3CM so they broke my water. The only thing that I didn't have at this point was my epidural. Let me tell you once they broke my water the CONTRACTIONS were horrible. I requested that all visitors leave at this point as I was in tears and the pain was unbearable. I had to wait an hour before they could give me the epidural as the anesthesiologist was seeing another patient. So during the wait Mary and Chad kept me calm and helped me through each contraction. I finally was able to get my epidural and all the pain was gone and I felt so much better. It was perfect timing as my sister Amie arrived shortly after I got my epidural and I was so happy to see her and the boys. It was very important to me to have her with us during the delivery of Grayson. I got to see the boys for a few hours before they left to go to the Fisher's house for a sleepover so their mommy could be with me during the labor and delivery. After a few hours of receiving my epidural they checked me at 9PM and I was completely dilated to a 10! It was time...
I was blessed to have my loving husband, my beautiful sister Amie, and our dear friend Mary with me to support me during labor and delivery. They were all amazing support to me. I loved all the nurses that were with us throughout the day and they were wonderful and patient with me during the entire process. My Dr H was not available to deliver Grayson, but I was not disappointed at all because we had our wonderful Dr K that took her place and she had such a calm spirit. So back to the labor and delivery. At around 9:15PM I started pushing and it was hard work, but 35 minutes later Grayson arrived and all the pain, the hunger I felt, and how tired I felt was gone! Grayson was finally here! It was AMAZING seeing him for the first time and hearing him cry. It was unbelievable that Chad and I created this little miracle! It was great to hold Grayson in my arms, it was AMAZING to see Chad hold Grayson for the first time, and it was beautiful to see my friends and family meet and hold Grayson for the first time.
Our Grayson arrived at 9:50PM weighing 6 pounds 10 ounces and 19 inches in length. God is amazing and we feel so blessed!
Here are a few pictures that my sister captured during the labor and delivery!

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