Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY Projects

I am really not one to do DIY Projects, but the past few months I did two DIY Projects that I thought I would share with you. 

The first project I got this idea from a blog I love to read.  She is always doing some great projects for her home and I loved this Chalkboard Frame Project she shared on her blog.  I ended up giving these frames as Christmas gifts.  It is super easy and if I can do it so can you. 

You can get all the directions etc by clicking here

The second project is something that I remember doing with my Mom and sisters when I was younger and it is VERY easy to do.  It is a Fleece Tie Blanket.  Grayson has two of these blankets one from his Grandma Shelly and one from Auntie JJ.  I love how soft and snugly these blankets.  So I decided that I would make one of these blankets for a birthday gift for someone that loves Minnie Mouse. 
here are the two blankets that Grayson has:

I bought the fabric at a local fabric store called Hancock Fabrics.  I actually went to Hobby Lobby first, but they did not have fleece at our store.  If you are making a small blanket for a child you only need to purchase 2 yards of two different fabrics.  If you decide to make an adult size blanket just buy 4 yards of two different fabrics.  The first step after picking and purchasing your fabric is laying the two fabrics down one on top of the other and making a perfect square.  This might mean that you have to cut some of the fabric.  After you finish making a perfect square next cut a smaller square on each corner of the blanket.  Go to 2 inches up and 2 inches over to make the square and do this on all four sides of the blanket.  Once complete with the smaller squares you will cut small strips in the blanket along all four sides of the blanket.  It will look like this before you tie them together:
on the far left of the picture you will see the strips and on the right side of the picture you will see where I tied the two fabrics together (double knot).  If you have any questions let me know. 

 the final project!
Good Luck!
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