Sunday, January 30, 2011

So Tired and Dinner Time Fun

I am so tired of Grayson not feeling well.  It seems as if he has not felt well since he had that fever virus at the beginning of 2011.  He has a horrible cough and when we were at the pediatrician's office on Thursday he said his chest was clear, but it seems that every night he has a horrible time sleeping.  His cough wakes him up and it makes him so MAD!  I think I am going to call again tomorrow and talk to them about his cough.  There has to be something that Grayson can take to help with this cough.  I just want baby to feel better :)

this picture is of Grayson today after church sitting in a high chair while we have a quick lunch.  He is such a BIG boy!
He has his paci because this is all that was making him happy.  

Grayson was so cute during dinner tonight.  He is such a mess!  Look at this face:

plus a cute video of Grayson telling us stories...

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