Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday and Sleeping

Our Sunday!

Grayson didn't sleep well at all last night(he was up every 2 hours... I think he is teething again.  I wish he would get all his teeth at once and be done.  He finally slept good from 5:30AM-9AM.  
We made it to church today after spending about an hour listening to Grayson cry.  He was so sad, but once we left the house Grayson was a happy baby. 
(9/365 Project)
After church we had lunch and we had to run to a local furniture store to exchange a piece of furniture that we recently bought. 
 When we got home Grayson had a bottle and fell asleep.  But I do have a question Grayson will sometimes fall asleep while drinking his bottle(which was the case today) and I have tried to burp him in the middle of the bottle or at the end of the bottle and he just gets mad because I am disturbing his sleep, however it never fails about 30 minutes later he wakes up because he has to burp.  I burp him and he will NOT go back to sleep.  I know he needs to sleep longer because about an hour or 30 minutes later he is fussy.  I don't know what to do.  I try to get him to go to sleep, but he won't he just stares at me when I am rocking him or if I put him back in his crib he just plays.  So do any of you mommies out there have suggestions for me?  
Thanks in advance for your help!

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