Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

I missed my little G SO MUCH today! 
It was a COLD 11 degrees when we went to school and the schools in our area were closed due to the snow, but Grayson's daycare was open and I had a few Walmart Meetings today so with the cold temps and the icy roads we made it safely to school. 
I miss Grayson every day he goes to daycare, but today I missed him SO MUCH!

When we got home I was doing things in the kitchen and Grayson loves sitting in the sink and hanging out.  Trust me my sink is clean...
We use this cup to warm Grayson's bottles and it is empty...don't worry :)

we didn't get to play much because Grayson was tired so off to bed we went...
(11/365 Project)
I have another full day of meetings with Walmart tomorrow, but I am working on a post on where I have gotten Grayson's hats and Girl Bows (which was a discussion I was having on twitter earlier today).  So stop by tomorrow if you want to take a look at the links.  

Thank goodness for my iPhone I have been able to take daily pictures of Grayson this week and keep up with my 365 Picture Challenge!

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