Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2AM Trigger Me Happy

So before going to bed last night I set three alarm clocks to wake us up at 2AM for a shot I had to take. It was important not to miss the time as it would mess up everything we have done up to this point. I was full of anxiety and was worried that we would not wake up, but we did and it was not fun! Getting up to take a shot in the middle of the night is very interesting as we were both half a sleep. Chad did a great job and the shot did not hurt to bad. Than off to bed we went. I actually slept in a bit and Chad was out the door by 6:30AM to work. I am spending the day relaxing and enjoying the weather as today it is going to be 70 degrees here in Arkansas. Have a Happy Spring!

Happy 3rd Birthday Aidan! Today is Aidan's 3rd Birthday he is such a handsome boy and I just love seeing and hearing about his stories through my sister's blog... Amie!


Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself and relax today~ Aidan is not feeling the best today on his birthday he is getting sick and won't eat so that is a downer on his birthday but at least we had the weekend to celebrate his birthday, I hope you are enjoying the pictures we have posted on the blog. I also been updating mom's blog as well.
He is so looking forward to you being here with him soon. He asked for you yesterday so we are all looking forward to your visit. Call me anytime love you.

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Yeah! I love the trigger are getting very close. Thinking of you and praying for you!

Mary Kate said...

yeah for the trigger shot!! you almost through!!! praying for you!!

Ashley said...

Girl, I pray for you everynight! Chad and I prayed again last night for ya'll!!! Enjoy your beautiful day today, and take a nice walk! ;)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You have been on my heart everyday. I read lots of stories on blogs, but yours has so touched me and called me to pray.

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