Friday, April 10, 2009

Stay Vacation

Chad and I are having a stay vacation for Easter. We were planning on going to my twin sister's house in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but the doctor said no traveling. So we are having a stay vacation. A stay vacation for us will consist of enjoying the town we live in and our friends. So for my first day of our stay vacation I slept in until 9AM... it was a great feeling. I needed some rest... Than at noon I had the pleasure to have lunch with my friend Ashley! I really needed a friend today, I have not felt great over the past few days... I truly believe it is the medicine. Ashley was a comfort to me as I have felt sad inside and she was able to lift my spirits. I will need someone like Ashley to make me smile and lift my spirits for the next few months and I know she will be there. Ashley is expecting her first baby girl in a few months and she looks great! I am excited to meet her baby Avery. Since I know Ashley and Chad will both be reading my blog I would like to thank you both for allowing us into your life. You are a true blessing to us! Our Saturday will begin with a trip to Tulsa (again) to have another appointment and we will return that afternoon as we are planning on going to the evening Easter service. If time allows in Tulsa I am thinking a trip to the mall should be in our plans... I would love to stop at J Crew! After chruch Chad and I plan on enjoying a night out just the two of us! I am thinking dinner at PF Changs sounds good! Sunday we are having a Easter brunch at our friends Paul and Daniella's house. I am looking forward to enjoying time with them and their little girl Melania. During the weekend we are going to try to find time to planet flowers and get ready for Spring. I think our Stay Vacation is going to be great! Even though I would love to be at my sister's house celebrating Easter and Aidan's 3rd Birthday Party, but they understand and we will be able to go and see them in May when baby boy #2 joins the family. If you are staying home for the Easter Weekend... what will your stay vacation be like... what will you do? I hope EVERYONE has a HAPPY EASTER!


Kelly said...

We are staying here! My friend Hillary is coming tomorrow to finally meet Harper! Sunday is our first day back at church as a family and then we are eating lunch with our best friends (an Easter tradition). I have been reading Ashley's blog for a while before I realized ya'll knew each other. Small world!!! Maybe we could all 3 have lunch sometime soon. I'd love to have ya'll here maybe!

Ashley said...

Girls- I am all in for a lunch date! Lets do it!!! ;)

Melissa- you are precious. I loved loved loved spending time with you, trading stories, and laughing about the mice! HAHA! You are so precious and have a great spirit! I am totally here for you, and if you want to plan lunch dates once a week until I have Avery (even after), I am in!!! XOXO

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