Monday, February 15, 2010

My Funny Valentine

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Weekend.  Our weekend didn't go as planned, but when does anything always go as planned.  Saturday I cleaned house and got everything prepared for our date night at home.  I had planned on making Chad a Red Velvet Cake, however he surprised me with a cake from Rick's Bakery.  It was beautiful, but I am really not into cake at the moment.  The only dessert I really like at the moment is dark chocolate.  I did have half a piece of cake and as always Rick's Bakery doesn't disappoint. 
Chad and I spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying each other's company without stress or worries.  That was until I decided to laundry...mistake #1 I should have just waited until Sunday or even today to do laundry.  Well our washer decided to give us some trouble on Saturday night.  We have the Samsung front loader set and it had an "nd" error, which means that the washer is not draining properly.  So Chad got to work on it and long story short he ended up creating a huge mess with all the water and cut his wrist.  After cleaning up all the water we decided that we couldn't do anything to fix it and we would just wait until the morning to see if it still was not working.  Well guess what... Sunday morning the washer is working GREAT.  All that mess and trouble for nothing.  I did learn during the process that we do not have proper first aid items in our house.  I had to search for a band-aid and Chad was not too happy about it.  So next trip to Walmart note to self purchase a first aid kit!  The rest Saturday evening we spent eating homemade Thai Chicken Pizza and watching The Time Traveler's Wife.  It was a great movie I was not disappointed at all!  In fact I could watch it again! 
Gift from Bella!
Sunday Valentine's Day we started out the day by exchanging gifts.  I first opened my card from Chad and I loved every word on the front of the card it was too sweet, however when I finished reading the inside of the card instead of it saying Happy Valentine's Day to said Happy Birthday.  Opps!  Has this happened to any of you?  We just laughed and moved onto the gifts.  Bella got me flowers and a card that was too cute.  Grayson got me a heart shaped necklace and Chad got me a necklace and ring from Perfect Choice.  I also got a gift card for a massage at a local salon.  It will be perfect to use just before Grayson arrives.  I got Chad a Valentine's Card and a new iPod Nano.  He loved it!  He is preparing for a half marathon in March and this will come in handy.  I also presented him with the Great Date Experiment and he is fully on board and excited to do the series of dates.  We then got ready for Church and BOY was it COLD outside.  We had planned to go to Ruth's Chris that night, but I changed the plans as I was not in the mood for steak.  Instead we stayed home and had chicken noodle soup and caught up on DVR'd shows.  Our last Valentine's as a family of 2 and we spent it at home.  Oh well I guess that is what happens when you are pregnant.  Chad was totally fine with staying at home.  We played three rounds of Phase 10 and I won 2 out of the three.  We didn't get a chance to do Date 1 of the Great Date Experiment, but I am hoping that we get a chance to do it tonight.  We are going to a movie and maybe dinner.  It just depends on how Chad's day goes.  Chad is waiting to hear some news from work today and I am hoping and praying that it is good news.
 I hope everyone had a great Valentine's. 
Was it a Funny Valentine for you too? 
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