Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Weekend

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What a SUNNY Saturday we had it was beautiful and we are ALL ready for Spring!

We spent the afternoon playing outside and going for a walk with Bella too!

Saturday evening we went to a housewarming party for our friends, but before we made a trip to Target to get our BIG boy a new car seat.  We finally made the purchase because Grayson throws a fit every time I put him in the car seat.  I am hoping that he likes his new car seat, we will have our first test tomorrow on the way to school. 
The car seat we ended up purchasing was the Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat.
At Target Grayson was sporting his TOMS that his Auntie JJ got him.  I think he looks adorable in them! 

After our trip to Target we headed to a housewarming party for our friends Tiffany and Aaron.  They purchased a new home a few months ago and it is beautiful.  Tiffany has done a great job decorating.  Here are a few pictures that Ashley took during the night. 
{I love this picture... look at Baby G's tongue!}

Grayson was pretty good with all the new faces and played well with Avery and Stella.  It was fun for him to have a few friends to play with.  It was a great night of visiting with friends, but the hour of sleep that we lost has been tough on Grayson all day!  He was up every hour last night and he has napped horrible today.  I am hoping that we have a better night tonight.  Did this happen for any other moms?

Today Grayson went to the church daycare again and he did great!  I put his St. Patrick's Day Tie Shirt on for church today.  I think it is adorable. 
I love Grayson in tie onesies!!!  
  {I took this picture before we got out of the car to go into church}

Quick mommy question:
Does anyone recommend getting the Summer Infant Secure Surround Play Safe Play Yard?

Now that Grayson is crawling he is EVERY WHERE and I can't always just sit by his side and play with him.  So we have thought of getting one of the play yards, but I would like to hear from you before I make this purchase.  Thanks in advance. 

We had a great weekend and we are ready for the busy week ahead!
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