Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy 14 Months

Another month has past and Grayson you are 14 Months Old! 
Actually today you are 14 months and 6 days old...
It amazes me how much you have changed from month to month.  You are more independent and it is show fun to watch you try to do new things.  Such as feed yourself or drink from a big boy cup all on your own. 
You also have grown to LOVE watching Finding Nemo.  It is your FAVORITE movie.  You also have a book called Ducky Loves Rainy Days that you LOVE to read.  In fact this is the ONLY book you want to read. 
We are still drinking our morning and evening milk from a bottle.  But at school you only drink from a sippy cup.  We will get there I thought it would be easy to do, but it is so HARD to give up the bottle. 
You eat VERY well and all the food you eat is table food.  In fact for several months you have only eaten table food.  You LOVE blueberries! 

We are in LOVE with WATER!  If you see water you want to get in it!  In fact you love playing in Bella's water bowl all the time!  I caught you drinking out of the water bowl like Bella just a few days ago and I do try to keep it up, but sometimes you are so quick.  Your new tricks in the bathtub is laying on your belly and blowing bubbles.  It is so cute to see you do this.  I always say Good Job and clap and than you do it again. 
You are still difficult to change your diaper and dress.  You will not sit still for anything.  I try giving you different things to play with, but instead you would rather run off and play. 
When we get home for the day you always go to our room and get Bella it is so cute.  You love going to see her each day. 
We have also been working on getting you to walk to your room for naps and bedtime so you know where your room is and where you go to sleep.  We hold hands and walk together and I love it!
You have become a snugly little boy over the past month.  You will sit in my lap and watch cartoons or a movie in the morning and after naps.  It is one of my favorite moments. 

You love to play peek-a-boo
You love for me to chase you
You know how to say moo for COW
You can say Bella, Mama, Dada, Ball, Ouch, and everything is Da and you point at everything you want. 
Mommy has been singing several songs to you such as
Old McDonald
Bumble Bee Song
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
This Little Piggy
Wheels on the Bus
and when I sing the above songs you mimic and try to do the hand motions or make noises too.  The Wheels on the Bus is your favorite song!
You are such a STRONG walker and have started running.  You are so fast!  You are all over our house. 

You are wearing size 12-18 months in clothes this includes pajamas
You are wearing size 4 diaper
You wear size 4 shoes
You weigh 20 pounds 5 ounces
Grayson we love you very much and you bring joy to our hearts every day.  I sit and watch you play and I love how your mind and heart is so free.  You look at your toys with a new adventure each day.  Just recently you have discovered your BIG truck that is filled with Mega Blocks and you will dump out the blocks and try to sit on the dump truck and push yourself around the house.  It is also so amazing to me to see you play with water.  You are NOT afraid at all!  You love taking the water hose and pouring it over your head.  You live life with a free spirit and I love watching your face and eyes light up. 
Happy 14 Months to our handsome boy!
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