Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our 4th of July

We really didn't have any plans for the 4th of July.  I thought we would just stay home and relax.  We had a busy Sunday celebrating the 4th of July and a Gender Reveal Party with the Jolliff Family.  I will have pictures to share of that event tomorrow.  It was adorable!  If you missed the Facebook updates or my Tweet my girlfriend Tiffany is having a BOY!  Grayson will have a new buddy to hang out with, we are so excited!
So back to what we ended up doing!

see this beautiful picture...
it is the walking trial at Compton Gardens and leads to the new Crystal Bridges Museum.  It was a great walk and the scenery was beautiful.  You could hear the birds and view beautiful flowers.  If you live in NWA and you have not walked on this trial you should.  Just make sure it is not too HOT!  It was a WARM walk and a GREAT workout!  There are many hills that you go up and down. 

It is also a GREAT place to take pictures
It was a great time with my family!  With no plans for the day this time spent together was great and one of my favorites!
So what did we do after walking in the HOT weather?
This walking trail leads right to the SPLASH PARK...
We had no swimsuits for any of us, but we decided that cooling off would feel so GOOD!
As soon as Grayson saw the water he got so EXCITED.  It was so cute!  He had a great time! 
Grayson would have stayed all day playing in the water.  He would sit right by the spout where the water comes out and wait for the water to shout out.  It was so FUN to watch his expressions on his face.  Again if you live in NWA and haven't been to the splash you should try it out! 
No plans for the day...but in the end it was a perfect day!
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