Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Post


In fact it is something I look on my iPhone before going to bed.  It has great ideas!

I got several nursery ideas on there, holiday ideas, hair style ideas that I recently did to my own hair, and a teacher gift for Grayson's teachers. 

I thought I would share a few of the ideas I have found that you might be interested in doing yourself.

First teacher gifts

Grayson recently just moved up to a new classroom at school.  I always get his teacher a thank you gift for all that they do for Grayson.  His teachers in this classroom are VERY special to us.  They did so much for Grayson over the past several months.  Before this class Grayson would cry every time I dropped him off, but after just several weeks he was running to his teachers and giving them both HUGS.  This made my heart so HAPPY you have no idea!  They also got Grayson to nap at school.  Before he would NEVER nap.  They just got him to nap for close to 3 hours each day.  Which is a HUGE blessing because when we get home at night I have a happy boy that wants to play and interact with his parents vs sleeping. 
Now we are starting over again in a new classroom... hoping and praying he adjusts well this week in his new class.  So far on his first day we have had tears... but I do anticipate this for a few days. 
Anyways back to the gifts. 
I made these for his teachers...
link on how to do this project is here!

we also got monogrammed coffee mugs for them too!

Second the top knot hairstyle

I usually wear my hair down most days, but I thought on one Friday that I would try something different.  I love this look that I found on Pinterest.  It doesn't look 100% like hers, but with practice and maybe longer hair I hope I can achieve this fun look. 
Also if you get a free moment you should look around her blog she has some great ideas.  I love her blog!

happy pinning! You can follow me on pinterest by clicking here if you are interested.  


Megan said...

I wanted to do that teachers gift for Eli's babysitter but never got around to it. Yours looks so good! And the top knot looks good on you, I don't think I'm brave enough to try it!

Unknown said...

I'm dying to see your nursery

Kimberley said...

i love pinterest too, and your hair looks great!!

Carrie said...

Love the top knot! Looks really cute on you. I have shoulder length hair and am desperately tying to grow mine out so I can do fun/cute things with it. I'm going to attempt the top knot tonight...fingers crossed my hair is long enough! Thanks for sharing!!!

Island Baby said...

Gosh your hair looks so awesome in that top knot! I love the Starbucks gift card idea! Wow, so creative! How much do you recommend giving on the giftcard if there are 3 different teachers involved? Help! I have no clue!

Amber said...

that is such a precious Thank you card. I love pinterest and its so addicting I must say.

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