Monday, February 27, 2012

week 37 baby crew

Week 37 - FULL TERM!

Such a wonderful feeling to reach FULL TERM!

I am also happy to post that we finished CREW'S nursery this past weekend!  It is PERFECT!
I have a few little touches to add and hopefully they will arrive in the mail this week.  After that I will share his nursery with all of you! 

Stafford List of Things to Do before Crew arrives:

1. Crew's Nursery Furniture Needs to arrive and be setup in his room and put all clothes away etc. I really hope it is here this weekend.

2. Order Crew a chair like Grayson's for pictures - done and completed 01/15/2012
3. Get the carpets cleaned in Crew's Nursery
4. Crew's Bedding waiting for it to be completed and picked up
5. Crew's coming home outfit need to figure out what I want and purchase...decisions decisions!
6. Organize ALL closets in our house
My closet and drawers
Chad's closet and drawers
Grayson's closet and drawers
Crew's closet and drawers - need to also wash all clothes that are currently in the attic and organize by sizes
7. Find a toy chest for the playroom - the little toys are getting out of hand and they need a home after Grayson is done playing with them.
8. Finalize Health Insurance for the boys!
9. Register at the hospital before delivery day
10. Finalize plans for Grayson on delivery day
11. Finalize Maternity Leave for myself and all the details - making progress and hopefully should have this completed soon :)
12. Decide on what to wear and take to the hospital for myself
13. Take bounce seat, baby bathtub, car seat, swing, and nap nanny out of the attic
14. Pack bags for myself, Grayson, and Crew. Chad will also have to pack his bag too for the hospital.
15. Organize cabinet in kitchen for the boys, clean bottles, and get breastfeeding things organized.
16. Register for baby shower
17. Setup Pack N Play in our room
18. Chad wants to paint our bedroom and bathroom before Crew comes, knowing him he will do it!
19. Decide on doing something special with Grayson before Crew comes... ideas? This task is complete thanks to a blog reader for the idea!
20. Complete taxes for the year - everything is ready and our appointment is this week
21. Organize important documents in one spot
22. Catch up on Mixbook Photobooks
frame a day book 2012
month 19-21 month book Grayson
pregnancy book Crew
23. Clean out our bathroom cabinets and organize the boys bathroom.
24. Purchase Big Brother gift idea and take to the hospital
25. Order Medela Pump Plug In
26. Purchase a few items we didn't get at our baby shower that we need
27. thank you cards from baby shower

As you can see we only have a few items remaining. 
So exciting!


Unknown said...

please tell me your secret to being so productive!!

Jessica said...

What an awesome feeling that has to be! Seeing all that marked off. I started freaking out as I marked off each line when we were waiting on Jake. Sam also informed me I started to panic a little one day when I bought milk that expired on his due date! HA! In my defense, he was our first baby!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love your organization...I love to mark off things....Hope everything it perfect at Crews birth....

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