Monday, March 23, 2009

Morning Walks and Chocolate Milk

What gets you started for the day? My day always starts with a morning walk with Bella and a tall glass of chocolate milk. Today on our walk it was beautiful outside. The wind was blowing, but the sky was bright blue with white fluffy clouds. A few thoughts while I walked, the fluffy clouds looked like giant feather pillows that I would love to lay my head on and forget my troubles, oh to be trouble free would be a great feeling. The wind was strong and it made me think of what Chad said to me yesterday... all my worries I need to put in God's hands and felt at that moment that with the wind in my face that God was pulling all my worries from my body so I did not need to worry and HE was going to take care of everything. So with my thoughts this week I will not worry I will praise GOD for everything he has given to me in my life and let GOD take care of everything else. Walking and listening to the music today has been a great spiritual healing to me and I enjoyed breathing in the air and watching the winter season transition to the spring season.
Chocolate milk... I must have chocolate milk each day to get started. It is a great feeling when I have my first drink of my chocolate milk each morning. I look forward to the mornings when I can get up and have chocolate milk. Those days I don't get chocolate milk are rare, but if it does happen it is very difficult to get through the day. What are your morning rituals? Do you have to have the same food or drink in the morning? I would love to hear if some one has the same habits as I do.
Make it a GREAT day!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Coffee, coffee, and coffee!

Stop by and visit me soon and sign up for my first ever BLOG GIVE AWAY! It's a fun prize.

Tberri said...

Cute Blog!!!! I found you through Kelly's blog... I have given you an award... go grab it on my blog if interested!

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