Saturday, March 28, 2009

What a Saturday

What is in a Saturday? Our Saturday was filled with birthday parties and snow!

We started our day by waking up early as I could not sleep and Chad was out the door at 6AM to go workout with his Personal Trainer and than he was off to walk in Fayetteville at the Heart Walk. Little did we know that on March 28th we would have snow. It is crazy. It will be cold today and warm tomorrow... that is how it works here in Arkansas. After the walk we had a total of three birthday parties to go too. First we started with Kendall's 5th Birthday and Kelsey's 1st Birthday party... it was great fun at Fast Lanes. Kim and Brad always seem to do a great job with their little ones parties. Kelsey didn't know what to think of her cake so basically played in the frosting and did not eat any of the cake. Kendall had a Barbie cake and she had a lot of her school friends at her party so it was great to meet them. We got Kendall a Hannah Montana microphone set and she loved it! Next stop Gymboree for Jasmine's 3rd birthday party. It was great fun and always great people are at the Soto's parties to visit with. I can't believe that she is 3 years old. She was very polite to all of her guest and she had a great Dora birthday party. It is always great to see friends, even if it is at kids birthday parties.

After the parties we ran a few errands and now we are at home relaxing! It is too cold outside to do anything outside, so we are going to hibernate inside for the rest of the evening.

A few updates:
1. Chad's dad Millard had surgery this morning. Everything went well and he is at home resting. He will begin radiation for the next week for several weeks and we will continue to pray that the cancer does not return.
2. My sister Amie's unborn baby is doing good, they had their ultrasound on Thursday and the babies stomach is growing they just have concerns about the babies kidneys. They will continue to do ultrasounds every 2 weeks to make sure the baby is doing well. Thank you for your continued prayers. God is good!


The Pifer's said...

I am so glad you found me :) :) :) thank you SOOOOO much for your sweet comments!!! I am praying for you and your husband!!!!! Hope you don't mind if I follow your journey, but like you said it's so nice to talk to those who truly understand!!!!! God Bless You!

Amie and Brian said...

Sounds like a busy day. I hope you are both feeling well and relax. We love you both and thanks again for everything you give to us. Love, Amie, Brian and Aidan

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