Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weekend Trip to Bee Branch Arkansas

Yes Bee Branch, Arkansas... you are probably thinking where is this and why are we going to Bee Branch? Bee Branch is located about 40 miles outside of Conway, Arkansas. They have a Post Office, a gas station, a bank, a beauty salon, and a catfish restaurant at that is it! Our dearest friends Mary and Greg Ramsey moved their after Mary retired from Walmart Stores Inc. I call them our Arkansas Parents. I say this because when we go to their house Mary cooks home cooked meals and we just relax the entire weekend. It is like being with my mom in Montana. Yes I am originally from Billings, Montana and Chad is from Tennessee. It is really what we need... especially Chad he has worked 12 days start without a weekend break! It will also allow Chad and I to spend time together and talk while we drive 3 hours there and back. The only sad news is that we have to leave Bella here... but Bella has the BEST babysitters... (BTW Bella is our dog) Bella goes Bella and Bobby DeBocca's house. They LOVE Bella and look forward to watching her while we are gone on trips. Bella gets to play with their two dogs and go on LOTS of walks. Here is a picture of our spoiled dog Bella.

(sorry it is a Halloween picture)
I hate leaving her, but I know that she is in GREAT hands while we are gone. I will enjoy the break!
I hope that all my family and friends have a wonderful weekend! Make each day special and memorable. And if you are in Arkansas reading this enjoy the WARM Friday and Saturday! I know we will! I am so EXCITED for the 70 plus weather.
I look forward to sharing our weekend with everyone when we return from a relaxing trip in Bee Branch Arkansas... no cell phones or computers allowed...


Anonymous said...

Hey! I just came over from Kellys blog. I live in Germany my mom is amercan though and then I read you were from Billings. That's so funny. My aunt lives in Basin Wyoming (near Greybull) and when we go visit her we mostly fly into Billings (sometimes Cody). I thought that was kinda neat. I really don't know many ppl that know Billings. I guess that's bc I live in Germany.

Ohh and I LOVE your dog. Those dogs are called Weimaraner here. They are VERY popular here and I live in Weimar. Thats the town where they were breeding them and where they got their name!

I hope you have a fun trip!!!

mommylicious said...

FOund your blog through Kelly. Not much in Bee Branch, but we have a lake house up in Greers Ferry so the lake is very close. About 12 miles away..its really pretty!

tara said...

love the picture of bella! is that your house, wow that stone is beautiful! your weekend getaway sounds so relaxing, sorry you have to leave bella! the first time we ever left our weimaraner grover, we left on a week long cruise. i missed him like crazy every second we were gone. AND i filmed him on video while jim and i picked him up from the kennel. i guess i was expecting him to say how much he missed us too. :)
btw- i love her name! before we found out the gender of our baby, jim promised me that if it wasn't a girl that i could get another weim (a girl of course). i guess this means we aren't getting another..... ;)

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

I live in Conway, so I'm very familiar with Bee Branch. We are suppose to have a beautiful weekend so enjoy yourself!

Always a Southern Girl said...

Bella is a cute dog! Love the pic (even if it's a halloween one) Take Care--Renee

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