Monday, March 2, 2009

Two Posts in One Day!

So I was so blown away by the Bachelor that I had to add a new post! So the first two hours it seemed as everything was going as planned... Jason was going to pick Melissa. It happened Jason did pick Melissa and it was a beautiful moment. What a happy ending!

Little did I know that everything would change... Jason managed to break two peoples heart. I am not sure what Jason was thinking. It truly was a historical moment in Bachelor history. I felt so sorry for Melissa and was not liking Jason at ALL! How could he not only do that to Melissa, but to her family and his OWN family... what about TY? Oh what reality TV does to me... I am not happy with Jason and it is disappointing that he would do what he did, but it is his life and he has to make the best decision for himself. I truly hope that he is happy with Molly and that both of their dreams come true. However if I were Molly I would not take him back so easily and I hope that she takes the time to decide with her mind and her heart what the right decision is for her. My one question to the Bachelor would be when will we get future updates on Jason and Molly and what is next for Melissa? For now I will have to wait until tomorrow night.

If you are reading this and you have not watched the Bachelor yet, I am truly sorry :)

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