Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up and It's Monday!

Saturday Moments: So I thought that I would share some cute moments that took place during our weekend! As I shared with everyone on Friday Chad and I watched Kendall and Kelsey Fisher so their parents could attend a wedding in Bella Vista. We arrived at their house to find both kids taking afternoon naps. After a few hours of napping they both woke and ready to play! Kendall is 4 years old going on 5 at the end of this month and Kelsey is 11 months old. Kendall was not feeling well so she spent a lot of time sitting on the couch resting and watching TV with Chad. They watched a few episodes of Flip That House. One of the episodes highlighted a home that was infested with Termites and of course given Kendall's age she wanted to know what they were and why the house was covered in these bugs. Lots and Lots of Questions... you have to love kids! So Chad explained to Kendall what termites are and they continued to watch the show until Kim and Brad arrived home. Kelsey and I spent time together playing in her room and she loved her little play horse. Check out the video and pictures of Cute Little Kelsey playing. I had a great afternoon spending time with these GREAT GIRLS. The cutest moment was when we were leaving to go home, Kendall went into her room to get me something and guess what this little 4 year old did... she went into her piggy bank to get $20.00 to pay me for coming over to watch her and Kelsey. I was so amazed that she did this... what 4 year old thinks of paying for her babysitters? I explained to her that she did not have to pay me as I wanted to come over and play with her, this conversion went back and forth for several minutes until she finally gave up. I was not about to take a 4 years old money. It was a great moment that I will never forget!

Saturday evening Chad and I watched a few movies that I thought that I would share with you... Changeling and Nights in Rodanthe. GREAT MOVIES if you have not seen these movies please rent, you will enjoy them both!

Sunday Moments: Our biggest highlight was going to church and if you haven't read my blog from Sunday please read it was my highlights from the church service. Thanks to all for posting comments. The afternoon I spent cleaning house, doing laundry, and getting dinner ready. Chad spent a few hours running 13 miles to get ready for his Hogeye Run on April 5th, 2009.

It's Now Monday: My morning started with my last Monday class of pilates for the winter season and working in the office for the afternoon. I was able to get home early to take Bella for a walk as it was 70 degrees today in NWA. YEAH SPRING IS HERE... at least I hope so... After our walk Bella and I came home and I baked chocolate chip cookies for a few new neighbors. Shortly after dinner Chad, Bella, and I delivered the cookies to our new neighbors. Yes I do try to bake and introduce ourselves to our neighbors as I think it makes the neighborhood a friendly place to live. And it is a small world, our neighbors that just moved in across the street our from Montana. I am from Montana too. They moved to NWA for Walmart. So if you are looking for a house... stop by Willow Bend Subdivision in Bentonville and take a look we have a few homes for sale! I hope that everyone enjoys the spring weather as I know Bella and I will be on many walks this week.

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Kelly said...

The weather was SO nice today! I took Harper and Dawson on two walks today - it was so great to be outside.
You and Chad are such good neighbors to everyone! We do have a few houses for sale. Hopefully they will sell and we'll get more good neighbors!

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