Saturday, December 26, 2009

Will we get home and holiday recap!

South Dakota had record snow fall this Holiday Season!  Will we get home tomorrow?  Currently the interstates are CLOSED.  If we do leave it will be an adventure going home.  
This Christmas Season we loaded our Jeep on Tuesday December 22nd 2009 and that evening we left for the Hansen home in South Dakota.  We drove from 8PM until 5AM to bet the WINTER STORM that was heading to South Dakota.  On December 23rd 2009 with only three hours of asleep I was up playing with these two cute faces: 
Chad was not feeling well at all so he slept until 11AM and took meds all day.  That afternoon we had lunch at the best Bread Store, Great Harvest Bread Company.  I wish they had one in NWA.  It is the best!  I love this bread so much that Amie sends us bread.  That afternoon my sister and I did some shopping at Target and Walmart while Chad and Brian did some last minute Christmas shopping!  The evening was spent playing and enjoying our family. 
Than for the next two days we were SNOWED in!  We did a lot of baking and playing.  Played a game of Phase 10 and just enjoyed eachother's company.  We had a great time with Aidan making a Gingerbread House and Sugar Cookies. 
Go Check out my sister's blog post on us making a Gingerbread House and Sugar Cookies, they are too cute!
Finally Christmas was HERE and my nephew Aidan was beyond EXCITED for Christmas.  Santa came early in the morning to visit and it was too cute! 
Than after Santa left with his cookies we SKYPED with my mom, Auntie JJ, a
nd Marley in Montana and opened Christmas presents. Isn't technology GREAT!  Everyone was SPOILED this year for Christmas.  Once I finish opening my gifts from Chad (which are back at home) I will share all the great gifts I got! 

Amie made a wonderful Christmas dinner and we stayed inside were it was nice in WARM.  Until later in the evening when Chad, Brian, and Aidan went outside and played in the SNOW. 
Today we all had cabin fever so we made our way to the Mall and got a few great deals at Banana Republic and Gap.  The drive around town was a sight to see!  I don't think that I have EVER seen this much SNOW. 

So will the Stafford's make it home tomorrow?  We will see!


Jess :) said...

I think we'll just keep you guys here!!!! :)

Amber said...

What a bunch of cuties :) I hope you get home safely!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful time, memories and the gifts given to our boys. They had an amazing time. Missing you already and we all love you both so much!!!!

Mommyto3andahusky said...

Drive safe! You will probably be driving by us (we live in Omaha) and Interstate 29 by us is cleared now. Drive careful! :) Erin

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